Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Business can not be taught it can only be caught

There is an old saying that Business can not be taught it can only be caught.
Too some extent it is right , if see old days all mavericks like Bell, Edison,Liver Brothers, they never went to B School, but have learned the trick of the trade with their own gut and grits, some times they have become successful and some times they have failed miserable.
Even our own Late G.D. Birla,Late Dhirubhai Ambani amde it big with having any formal education . The most important thing to have success is business is Common sense. On the other day I was listening to an interview of a highly successful banker Mr K.V. Kamath, he said that 65% of success is due to high degree of common sense.
B School can help to learn the recorded tools and techniques which can be applied in certain situation where it can be replicated rated and simulating condition.B Schools has to put more emphasis on applications of recoded knowledge rater than theoretical knowledge.New business is all about new ideas.
Idea in nobody monopoly, it can be Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling, Larry Page,
or even Wright Brothers. Catching a new idea is most important, there are plenty of ideas which are floating but how to catch them.
It is entrepreneurship, any body's Guss.


debashish brahma

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