Friday, November 19, 2010

Business Work Shop's experience.

Today I have been invited by one of the Fortune 500
listed Indian firm to conduct workshop in
"Agile Knowledge Management Strategy."

I will be making 60 PPT slides, this is going to be a very
challenging assignment as many Indian Fortune 500
Firms are looking out for Agile Management Strategy.

I have conducted at least 30-45 workshops as external
consultant for Mafoi-Randstad India.

I was conducting one workshop with A.V. Birla Group
on a Sunday with all their VP, Sr G.M. and CEO
attending the workshop on Benchmarking and Strategy Mapping.

There I told to all the Sr Executives to borrow all the best ideas
from around the world and across the industry.
Then I told about the "Stretched Targets", the CEO and
Executive Directors were sitting along with 25 Sr Managers.

They all kept mum. The CEO asked me a question that why
people shy away from Stretched Targets?
They are in the comfort zone, we cannot take them away
from the comfort zone, and fear of failure and then the
blame game starts.

The CEO of that A.V. Birla Group shared his experience.
He met with legendary Mr.L.N. Mittal in Mumbai, Mittal
came to Mumbai in the Late Aditya Vikram Birla
Lecture series.

Mr.Mittal told in that conference, that he to took a target to a
acquire Arselors within sixty days time.
This was benchmarked time frame that he took with
a "stretched target",mentally to acquire the
giant steel firm Arselors .

He negotiated with all global financial consortiums scouting
for money and mobilized the money.
On the 59th day he acquired Arselors. That's the mental
determination he had with him, and fulfilled it.

A very strange story, yes you learn a lot while conducting
seminars and workshops, I have seen it’s two way learning
across various industries..

Business Of Product Management Strategy.

I wrote about "Product" features are becoming very important day by day.
People are working round the big business world all
marketing strategist braking their heads .
There are basically six factors that has been
mentioned which dominates the whole thing.
Pogue's six factors which makes the product
successful and great.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

"LEAF" 100% Electric Car from Nissan.

Innovation and marketing strategy,goes hand in hand.
This is widely known to be a wonderful innovation
the world looking for.

This Aoto co is very strategy specific in placement of the
cars in the global market.

The cost of the car is coming US$33,000 , rather on the higher side,
but in the long run this will come down as many innovation for
a cheaper models will come with alternate technology.

As Global Warming being considered as a major health hazard
many countries opening up,the markets for LEAF.
Nissan has adopted a complete BLUE OCEAN marketing strategy
to cater to this uncontested market.
This also an unique combination of co branding with two most
effective brands in the world Apple and Nissan.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Managing Product Innovation With Increasing The Probability Of Success.

Product & Probability: Very funny product and probability are interrelated with each other. In the basic principals of marketing the 4 P’s are the back bone for any business success.

The first P is product it may be tangible or even non tangible. Strategist and marketers are talking about innovation. New product development which I think as sub set of innovation which drives any business engine.

The speed at which the products are developed are to be developed and catered to the market place shows the efficiencies and effectiveness of the management.

Customers always look out for new features in product and services. The USP can only be maintained by the features which enhance the probability of selling and retaining the market share and capturing new markets.
I found an exiting lecture by Kawasaki which he delivered in Cisco seminar in California last year.

According to him there are four factors which matters the most for a successful innovation and product establishments.

Deep= Multiple usage, if it can be multitasking the probability increases by leaps and bound.Sony was the first to come out with the Two-in-One.The success of Sony
was really prompted other players to come out with new products with multiple features.Guy has called this to be innervation. Primarily Apples success is due to this, rather the whole revolution in the computer world has happened because of deep
features which are stable and continuous. Functionality has been the main issue for a successful innovation. Even in pharmaceutical industry , discovery of a new molecule
change the and combat fatal and dreadful diseases.Great Firms like Pfizer works on
R&D, puts money on R&D, makes things happen.

Intelligent and problem solving:Problem Solving is business. "Business is marketing", or "Marketing is Business".You and your team require intelligence to solve complex problems.Some body must be able to solve the problem, bigger the problem solving capacity, bigger the money.All successful business are successful as they can solve bigger problem successfully.Capacity building,core competence are real big words in solving problems.Excellence in solving problem leads to excellence in innovation.Solved features increases the probability of selling the product.Management consultancy firms can solve problems , and get paid for, it's a question of the magnitude and complexities of the problem, proportionately you or the demands shoots up, and can ask a price for it.

Completeness: They have to be complete, in other words they must be excellent, in new software there should not be any bugs. Customers buys and enjoys it , the WOM , brand/product advocacy happens. If it can be complete and can be tailored globally the probability of success increases.Customers requires a complete product. Completeness increases probability of marketing.It's all in the loop what we call the
perception-expectation-experience.If the loop gets destroyed the whole cycle gets destroyed , you have to call back your product from the market , a dent on your reputation. SLA( Service Level Agreements) , after sales services, warranty and promise that you make while selling the products.

Elegant: Good finishing matters a lot , it's important the finishing must be excellent. Finishing matters a lot. Sleek elegance matters a lot.
"Neighbor's envy owners pride" that's very much applicable in an elegant looks and features of a product.

I think all the four factors that Guy Kawasaki has mentioned in his lecture are in interrelated with one another. It's important for management ,as it overlaps on one another, and all the permutation and combination that your team working upon to make it a successful innovation and in turn a successful product and business....

Friday, November 12, 2010

INDIA And CHINA & The Rise Of Asian Economy.

The most common issue today discussed in the global MNC about the emerging markets, particularly in the Asian economy. The epée center of capitalism will come to Asia or in Euro Asia, loosing the prominence of U.S.

Twenty years down the line things in the economic frontiers will change dramatically.

Asian Advantage;
1. Huge Demography both in South Asia and China, and both are young demography.

2. Cheapest Manpower available in the world.

3. Manpower of all kinds, from low category to most efficient and most qualified manpower.

4. Adaptability to go global and global footprints of the Indian and the Chinese are present around the world, and they have been successful in all frontiers be it in business trade commerce to science and technology.

5. Low per capita consumption is one of the major factors to growth of the Asian countries particularly India and China.

6. One of the biggest markets still to be tapped, the global MNC will not find cake walk to enter these markets, they are challenged by local players and they pose tremendous threat to these MNC. All MNC bleed for several years in these markets and then reach break evens, but this is the future market, they can’t leave it too, it has be there in their new market expansion mode.

7. These countries had rich cultural civilization in the past, which according to some these are inherent strength if these country.

8. Both India and China missed the Industrial revolution in the nineteenth century, in one way that has been good for the world.
Major Problems.

9. In one conference some body told me if all Indians and Chinese starts consuming the energy like an average American two planets will be required, other wise the whole planet will melt down.

10. Both the countries are spending sizeable amount of their money in defense expenditure and have infrastructure problem , which is very much required to kick start a flying economy.

A very interesting figure I found out which I want to share with you all.

World’s Richest Government

Richest governments after 2008-2009 financial crisis:

1. Peoples Republic of China
National reserves: $2,454,300,000,000
2. Japan
National reserves: $1,019,000,000,000
3. Russia
National reserves: $458,020,000,000
4. Saudi Arabia
National reserves: $395,467,000,000
5. Taiwan
National reserves: $362,380,000,000
6. India
National reserves: $279,422,000,000
7. South Korea
National reserves: $274,220,000,000
8. Switzerland
National reserves: $262,000,000,000
9. Hong Kong, China
National reserves: $256,000,000,000

Out of the top nine countries only Swiss Government is not in Asia.
The rest are all in Asia.
Another very interesting fact "The USA" might have the biggest economy, but the American government is not at all rich; in fact, it can't even take out $150bn if asked to now without resorting to borrowing.

To date the US government has borrowed $14 trillion!!!!!.....

The UK, likewise, while the country/people are rich, the government isn't.
The UK government’s debt stands at $9 trillion now......

I was going through the IMD lectures and found interest lectures which I want to share with you regarding the forecasting an economy.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Business Lobbying As A Powerful Business Strategy To Win Multi Million/Billion Dollars Deals.

Business Lobbying (also Lobby) is a form of influencing with the intention of the decisions making made by the officials in the government. In certain cases the oppositions also can be influenced by lobbying.

Business Lobbying is a very useful management strategy in most of the major multi million/billion dollars deals, happening round the world.

1. Business Lobbying has been very powerful and played dominant role in DEFENCE DEALS.

2. Still today Business Lobbying is a very powerful strategy is selling armaments and ammunitions round the world.

3. The most profitable sales for all high tech defense sales. The Vise President- Defense Sales though he may generate 20% sales volume, but generates 80% profit for the firm.

4. Now in recent times both in national and international sales Business Lobbying is an important and smart strategic approach.

5. Business Lobbying today is also becoming equally important strategy in civilian market too.

6. Business Lobbying is going to stay as the fierce competition will continue coupled with globalization.

7. Technological advancement and global market acquisition will be the major objectives of any firm where professional lobbyist in emerging markets will play a pivotal role.

8. Business Lobbying and Power Brokers specially are hyper active in emerging markets.

9. Counter Lobbying is also done and it’s to be handled artfully. Washing dirty linen is a very common factor what we have seen in business lobbying.

10. Media too plays an important role as a lobbying, even media’s role is equally important, so smart lobbyist keeps the media on the right side.

Business and politics goes hand in hand. Business can only prosper if the political patronage is with them. This is a strategy adopted by many MNC s get in to new markets.

In other words, in the case of defense deals or any major capital equipment sales, influencing the purchaser or decision makers from the top makes the job easier.

Sometimes One Government influences other governments, where the government officials also plays an important role in influencing the other government to change even the laws and make it favorable to make it easy to clinch the deals.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why 88% of Ideas Fail to Make it to Market.

This is how the Innovation Works.
Why ideas fails to make it to market.

Freemium Part-III=Free + Premium

Freemium in the management concept over the coming years will
pay a predominant role in Marketing, Branding and
Brand building too.

Many B2B, B2C new entrants will smartly use this as a powerful weapon to market their services and products in this highly competitive market space.

Internet based services use this tool as a very powerful change medium by
which it can penetrate the market at a faster space and rate globally.

As all new ventures are looking for global markets, customer base is a major factor.

Firms look out for a major global user base which is possible only through crowed sourcing. A fraction of the crowed buys the services at a premium, the firms make a whole lot of money.

The intellectual property cost should be low. Every additional product it sells the marginal revenue and the marginal profit should be very high for a
sustainable freemium model.

Going by the four P’s of marketing the first P( Product) has to be very robust and user-friendly and with exceptional novelties. is an exceptional case of Freemium concept.

As a product the is an exceptional social media
site for professionals, and it can do the crowed sourcing at a
phenomenal speed, and then converts a part of it’s cowed to it’s
customers who gets the premium services which are exchanged
for money.

In the future of the Freemium will be widely used and its acceptability
will increase by leaps and bounds .

I have found the an excellent PPT on
the Freemium concepts to make and grow customers by Chris Hopf.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Can Entrepreneurship Change the world? Can This Be Taught ?

We have found a recent phenomenon that the world is
moving towards entrepreneurship..

This is basically a change concept that happening
round the world.

Big time and life long employments are gone, you
can be sacked any day, it may not be your fault,
and the firm is not performing well, so you loose
your job.

With cut throat competition and intense globalization
has really made life difficult, this is a world of
continuous change.

Some school of thoughts is thinking that the
entrepreneurship coupled with innovation can give
leverage to your life long security of earning money.

There are lots of forums, workshops, bodies, working
on entrepreneurship the only solution to the global
employment problem.

Right from the graduate school days even in post
graduates people are only talking about
Entrepreneurship is tomorrow’s solution to the
contemporary socio economic management changes.

Start Ups, Lean Start Ups, Boot Strap Start Ups
are today’s buzz words.

You require an entrepreneurial mind set to make
this happen, the commitment, consistency, courage,
continuity, caliber, capability to be an entrepreneur.

The global GDP can also rise with more number of guys
getting in to the entrepreneurship mode.

Universities like INDEAD are successfully following
these programme.

Yes these are successful for very smart and energetic people.

You require Passion to succeed as an entrepreneur.