Friday, March 13, 2009

BOLDNESS: It Pays High Dividend, Laxmi Mittal Believed In It, And Proved It..

In 1976 the Mittal Family from Calcutta, India moved to
Indonesia and started Steel business , he showed his
acumen to takeover all sick steel making companies and
nurse them back to profit.He used this technique of
acquisitions and mergers round the world.

In the following interview he has said that BOLDNESS is
required to do the "Out Of The Box Thinking".

A person need Courage & Conviction to do it.

Enjoy the Video.
He is now the Fourth Richest Man In The World.

MANAGEMENT:"GURU And His MANTRAS" : Prof Philip Kotler The Marketing Management Guru And His Latest Mantras On Marketing.

Prof Philip Kotler defines his new mantra on Marketing.
The new MANTRA on Marketing is CCDVTP







Three basic activities required for a SUCCESSFUL FIRM.




Product Management:It's is an OPEN technology ,
outsource the best technology from outside open
technology or open technology.

Brand Management: Brand management is Packaging.It's a
PROMISE. It's all about MIND share ,
HEART share and now
it's SPIRIT share.

Customer Management: Have a database of Customers.
It's just dealing with the date base,a database
management.But according to the GURU ,
you have to meet with the Customers
and share his thoughts and CO-CREATE
new value to your product.

There is a radical change in the thought process of marketing, a
new evolution of thought process has come along this new
Marketing Mantra.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Outsoursing And Obama:U.S.Economy May Not Go For OUTSOURCING,India And China Have To Look Inwardly And Innovate A New Economic Order.

Great Leader are made U.S. President Mr.Obama VISION to build
a strong turn it will it will make a strong World economy.
According to the CIA fact sheet 27% of the world GDP is contributed
by U.S. If the U.S. Economy can turn back the whole economy will
be back on track.

His emphasis on science ,technology and health care will make the
U.S economy back on track.His plan to provide the jobs to the
American ,he may have to cut back on OUTSOURCING,where as
countries like China and India may suffer,but on the contrary
countrieslike India and China, will focus on domestic demand
an rethinkto build their own economy.

One way it will be a blessing in disguise for countries like
India and China , inetially thre will be some hick ups
they have to focus internally not depending on the export

This will make both India's and China's
economy stronger.In the long run these economy will become
stronger with using all their sthrenght nad make products and
services competitive in the global market.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Globality- Globalisation Can Really Benifit The World In the Long Run. We Are Really Staying In A Small World Where We Are All Shareing And Careing.

I was reading the the books of Prof Pankaj Ghemawat regarding

After the GATT was drafted and signed by all the countries in
the nineties ,many people felt very skeptical about the future
of their own countries in the future.

The agreement by Arthur Dunkell was a remarkable achievement in
the global economy.

Apparently it seemed the process economics of the world would benefit,
as it was said " The technologically forward countries will become rich
at the cost of the technologically backward countries" but in the long
run this idea is not true.

So called in nineties "Third World Countries" of the world has become the "Emerging Economies Of The World" the GDP growth rate are much
ahead of the developed countries of the world.

There were some very wrong ideas about these third world economies.

1.Low spending economies i,e poor consumption capacities.

2.Technologically backward heavily dependent
upon foreign technology, no capacity to develop own and
indigenous technology.

3.Academically weak and poor.

4.Don't have the power to innovate
new product or services of global standards.

But these economies are now plying a stupendous role in giving
boost to the global aggregate demand , one reason the high and
favorable demographic scenario.

If you consider"CHINDIA" China and India we have to watch it
very carefully.Identification of The BRIC economic block will
be a significant part of the world economy.

It’s the success of China’s manufacturing capabilities and
India’s service sectors which is playing a dominant role in
the global economy.

Apart for the BPO and KPO , Software which has given India
sizable aadvantages over other countries is due to labor
arbitrage , where as silently India has come out with
some social engineering practice like Arvind Eye Care,
Dr Debi Shetty’sNirlam Hridalaya, the whole world is
keeping a close watch on these success stories of India.

Indian manufacturing sectors in forging of Mr. Baba Kalyani’s
Bharat Forge supplying materials to all the major auto makers
of the world like BMW, FIAT etc has made a mark in highly
competitive globalauto market.. Mr. Sanjay Lalbhai’s ,
Arvind Mills Ltd has made aninroad in the denim manufacturing
in the world and in pharmaceuticals industry like Ranbaxy,
Dr. Reddy, Cipla, which has become the brand ambassador for a
highly competitive drug market and regularly getting
their molecules passed by the FDA in U.S.A.

The concepts of Micro Credit in order to eradicate poverty and
empowering the destitute and poor in Bangladesh has been
pioneeredand successfully executed by Md Younis in the case
of Gramin Bank.

In 1971 it was Henry Kissinger said Bangladesh is nothing but a basket
nation,but this poor country is trying to stand on it’s own feet..

So underprivileged countries tow decades ago are now the growing and
potential markets for the Western and U.S MNCs.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Management & Six Sigma:What Is Six Sigma? A Statistical Tool And How Can it Benfit Organisations.

Six Sigma , a process which will make you a better leader
and a better worker.

Change the whole thinking approach about the world.

Six Sigma when applied in an organization makes it more Efficient
and Effective.

Six Sigma is basically a statistical tool which was pioneered
by Bill Smith in the Motorola. It was basically meant for
QUALITY Control in the production process Of Motorola.

It’s basically a Management philosophy, a matrix, a strategy,
a method to transform a culture on an organization.
It’s basically the value addition to the customers and the
change n the quality of the services and products that your
customer gets and also to do it right at the very first time.

Who is a customer?

A customer is a person who receives all your services and
products, it can be an external as well as internal.
Inter departmental with in the organization, let me explain,
Sales is a customer to Production Department, Production
Department can be a customer to the Materials department etc.
So customers with in the originations.

Basically it improves your effectiveness and efficiency.
It increases the effectiveness and drives down inefficiency.

If there are One million(1,000,000) events the permissible level
of defects will not be more that 3.4 per million events.

Organizations like GE, Wipro Ltd, Motorola, and HSBC may more use
this particular process improvement statistical tool.

As I said it’s a business process by which a perfection ca be easily

Friday, March 6, 2009

Management Guru Late Prof Sumantra Ghoshal Said Only 10% Of The Managers Are Purposeful In An Organisation.

Management Guru Late Prof Sumantra Ghoshal made a
very interesting statement and in an analysis he
said only 10% of the managers are effective and
purposeful. While 90% of the managers squander away
their time in activities which are not very fruitful.

He made a very important, 2 X 2 Matrix where on the X-axis
is FOCUS and in the Y-axis it’s the ENERGY.

He has made the combination of the two attributes Focus and Energy.

1.Low Level of Energy and Low Level of Focus: These Managers are PROCRASTINATORS.

2.Low Level of Energy and High Level of Focus: These Managers are DESCRATOS.

3.High Level of Energy and Low Level of Focus: These Managers are DISENGAGED.

4.High Level of Energy and Low Level of Focus: These Managers are PURPOSEFUL.

According to Late Prof Ghoshal only 10% of the managers can focus and
execute the Purposeful Goal of the firm where they work and can
achieve the targets.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Management Process"It's Not Only The Machine, But Also The Man Behind The Machine Matters Too".Unique Combination Of Ferarri & Schumacher.

Management of people and process.People matters and the process go hand in hand in management. Put together it’s the people process. The output of the results depends on the unique combination of the efficiency of both the people and the process in a business firm.

As late Prof Micheal Hammer who pioneered the concept of Business Process Re engineering (BPR) in management took the concept of process from Adam Smith’s division of labor. It’s not only in business management but also in other field of sports management, where these unique combinations are required. It’s the right balance,for delivering the good and services with profits.
Take the example of Formula One

Ferrari team used to win the Formula One because it has a winning combination of the driver and the car design. Both are processes. It’s not only the machine that matters but also the man behind the machine that equally matters to come as an absolute winner… Identifying and choosing of Michael Schumacher was also aprocess.Schumacher's driving needs were deeply understoodby the technical and design team of Ferarri.

Schumacher had the talent in him ,but it was the money thatwas put behind him by Ferrari (along with endorsements)and the energy and enormous determination of Schumacher which made him a real winner in the racing circuits with the Ferrari team. 

By the by Schumacher was considered to the best driver who can drive even when it rains. Making and training of Schumacher into a ace Formula One driver was an expensive process, this can be consider as a human resource process, and design a car with it’s special features is also an unique engineering process where you require the human recourse too. 

Ferrari’s innovative automobile engineering design, with high effect aero dynamics, suspension, gears box, electronics, design of redial tiers, axel's, dashboards, turbo charged multiple injection engines equally plays an important role to come out as a winner. The tireless R & D and the project management team, tailoring the racing car according to

Sponsorship from Philip Morris Ltd (Marlboro), Vodafone, Canon, requires a tremendous effort and the sponsors are very particular about the outcome and the results. They bet on teams which can win or has the maximum chance of wining. Getting the best sponsorship and brand endorsement is a high end marketing process. 

Continuous developments in R&D which enhance the engine capacity speed, fuel efficiency, aero dynamic designs, etc was also a process, where you require highly trained, experienced and knowledge oriented engineers, who can execute the well designed cars for the formula one circuits. This too is a very well defined people process. Process in a business context is “a method or system for achieving a commercial result.” 

The goals are to be properly set and are absolutely well defined to achieve the real success. An overall transparency and candidness, fairness, direction oriented leadership of Ferrari made all the difference. 

The great sporting event Formula One which gives prize in two categories, the driver and the creators.All major auto makers show their hall mark of automobil engnering skills in the Formula One extrvaganza sporting event. 

Both have human elements in them and mastermind processes optimally utilizing all the resources enables an organization like Ferrari to win the prizes in both the categories.

Management Process is heavily synchronized between the “Man And The Machine”,for a profitable outcome.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Management And Astrology:Astrology Takes The Driver Seat,Professional Management Takes the Back Seat.Horoscope Helps Careercsope.

One very interesting advertisement I noticed in today's  THE TIMES OF INDIA, it's an advertisement by the famous flamboyant Indian astrologer Bejan Daruwalla.

The caption of he advertisement is as follows:

Planning your career is just a click away!
Log on to  to know more about career jobs,promotions,appraisal,etc from Bejan Daruwalla's team of
Get personalized career guidance on email within 72 hours.
Knowledge of your future can help plan your career better.

I must say Internet advertisement is catching up.
Ganesha is an elephant god worshiped by the 
Hindus ( Myself a Hindu)in order to get success af all the
jobs that you do be it in business , marriage, career etc.

Bejan Daruwalla is a very tactful marketing man using, 
net as a very useful adverting media to reach millions 
across the world.

In this economic meltdown when the professional 
careers are becoming vulnerable Bejan Daruwalla 
has tactfully entering in the Internet advertisement
arena with sentimental catch word captions to all his
target audience , who are job seekers,direction less executives ,
executives with mid career crisis,
managing your Boss, get a good appraisal, promotions, 
managing peers ,office politics,job switching etc.

A great career counseling along with little bit of astrology keeping 
in mind under which stars you were born can fetch lot of potential 
customers round the world.

It's an unique marketing strategy where his portal has been 
designed by professional Web designer along with transaction 
facilities and potential customers can pay through American 
Express , Visa, Masters,and Pay Pal systems. can not only solve career problems, but can
 give you astrological advices on property,legal,romance and love life,
educations etc.The management of self and career has become very
 important for GenY also, these people are easy and an excellent target 
audience may be soft targets.

There is a saying in English," When Going Is Tough,It's 
Tough Get Going".Right opportunity to en cash this 
particular market segment.After all Business acumen
is very much related to opportunity seeking.

I will call this as an excellent niche strategic marketing 
may be an unique Blue Ocean Strategy.
Kim and Reenee are you listening.

Sometimes professional management can
take a back seat leaving the driving 
seat to Astrologers.

GREAT GOING ,Great Astrology.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

U.S.Economy And It's Immegrant Technical Labor ,A PDF Report

U.S. Economy to a great extent was dependent on the immigrant technical manpower that has been mostly from the the South Asian an the Chinese. Thirty percent of the networking software's has been written by the engineers of the Indian origin.

It is with out any doubt the the melting pot of the world.Melting pot has enabled the U.S economy to get and attract the best talents of the world,the law of attraction really worked.

The American brilliance of innovativeness and high degree of businessman ship coupled with Indian technical workforce has created many success stories in Silicon Valley.

Emerging field of technology and science like robotics,artificial intelligence engineering , bio -tech when the immigrant technical labor will play a very vital role.

Innovativeness make a company or business tick, and profitable firms make a nation tick

I am attaching a very interesting PDF about the immigrant labors and important role they played in making the U.S.Economy one of the most roburts economies of the world.

Please Click :

Monday, March 2, 2009

Change Management By Seth Godin:Why You Need A TRIBE.

If you want to change an succeed you must have a tribe to follow. Be it God seekers or Politcal leaders or Business leaders they had and have tribes.
Enjoy this Video By Seth Godin a very strategic management thinker in today's world.
Change Management by making and leading TRIBE.

Resume:Blog As Resume and Video Resume Can Creat Wonders For New Job Seekers.

Resume making for today’s young professional executives: It’s becoming a very innovative practice for the young professionals to make use of two very important social media for making their resume. With the advent of Web 2.0 technology there has been a stupendous change in the social media. Resume is not a piece of 3-4 papers MS Word document that you attach with your mail and send to your future employer

In a very hyperactive competitive world Resume making is an art.

Now days when the recruitment process has become so expensive and long drawn future employer wants to now as much as they about he potential recruits. . 

Recently I read the Blog of Seth Godin where he has said the Blog can work as your resume, he is absolutely right, and carefully using this Web 2.0 Internet technology can make a sea change in one’s Careers

Resume in the Blog and Video resume is now becoming an order of the day Blogs has worked as a revolutionary. It’s absolutely free and very easy to operate with stupendous inherent power in it.

SELF MARKETING: Remember in this highly competitive Darwinian’s world where one has to differentiate from others, and make some uniqueness which can work as your USP in the resume.  You are more of a perception than a product to your future employer, and one have to properly to market oneself to the potential employer , and marketing is a  battle of perception not of products. Blog resume is your perception maker to you future employer


SELF BRANDING: Tactful SELF BRANDING is important, people those who can do it are smart, and those who can’t are not smart. Don’t worry  not so smart can also become very smart. Self Branding can be possible by Web 2.0 technology blog and Resume Video.


First Impression Is The Best Impression.

For an applicant the resume can looks good, interactive and transparent. Blogs and Video can create wonders.

In a blog one you can put all your power point presentation,  project videos , and clear thoughts and hosting a video of one’s own SWOT analysis which can be very useful in giving a true picture about the applicant to the future employer.This I would say as resume video, interactive ,short, focused and putting strength and opportunities one is looking out for.

PPT, Flickers, Video, project reports in PDF,Hyperlinks can be easily embedded along with one’s thoughts in a blog.

Advantages for the Blogs and Video vis-à-vis Paper CV or a MS Word CV


  1. When you make your own professional Blog, I mean that one can put all your academic research, experience, thoughts on particular subjects that one have specialized and the skill sets (both hard and soft) that one have acquired in one’s professional and academic career. It has to be very tactful by which the future employer will be able to make out his requirement in you.NOW YOU MUST BE THINKING ABOUT WRITING YOUR OWN MIND.


  1. Blog: It’s basically an Internet diary of the thoughts and activities written down properly that a candidate has made on the particular subjects where he has specialized or has got interest.RECODING OF KNOWLEDGE IS NEEDED YOU HAVE UNDERSTOOD IT.



  1. By reading a blog the personality, knowledge and acumen of the candidate can be identified by the employer. Resume where the one potentials are reflected.BLOG AND VIDEO CAN DO YOUR ADVERTISEMENTS TO YOUR POTENTIAL EMPLOYER.



  1. In an interview a candidate can camouflage himself, many capable lien managers and HR managers can make mistakes in hiring, and vice versa a very potential candidate can be rejected. But in the blog a candidate’s knowledge profile can be matched by the employer, transparency is possible to some extent, so chances of elimination reduce.DON'T LOOSE GREAT CHANCSOR GREAT OPPORTUNITIES ,ALLOW YOUR POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS TO KNOW YOU IN DEPTH.


  1. In blog a candidate can record all his knowledge over a period of time and all dates are recorded and that cannot be manipulated. The quality of the content on particular subjects or topics improve, an experienced line manager can easily understand the quality of knowledge a candidate is having on particular domains.YOUR RESUME IS GETTING READY SLOWLY AND STEADILY.SLOW BUT STEADY WINS THE RACE.



  1. As it’s in the Internet, many people in that field of knowledge can land on your blog and if interested they can post comments and suggestions, it can enhance the knowledge and confidence of the candidate on those domains. Whenever a comment is posted on your blog remember the reader is taking the pain in reading your posting that you have written and has posted his views whom you have never interacted with before, so it’s a very valuable suggestion that he has put forward can be very beneficial to you. It increases your self confidence and you start improving on your work and area of specialization.PEOPLE  ARE SHOWING CONFIDENCE ON YOUR  BLOG RESUME BY POSTING COMMENTS ON YOUR TOPIC. 



  1. Remember we learn a lot from studies in our school, colleges and in University, plenty of power point presentations and projects in PDFs, Work Shops, Video we do in our student days also in day to day activities along with experience that we gather in our daily working life, but our memory is short, unfortunately our memory can not store every thing. As we live in a knowledge economy we have to manage and record our knowledge and experience in a proper and systematic way. Undoubtedly our lives have become easier by digitisation's... Instead of a conventional diary or a note book or even hard disk of a computer, external backups, blog is more powerful as it’s in the net and can be viewed by large number of people across the border less world .Your reader can have similar interest like you or even can be interested in you for hiring you. It’s an excellent back up system of one’s knowledge that one are picking up every day. One can browse through and brush up, edit as and when required, one is absolutely up to date as you don’t need to carry all old notebooks for revisions.YOUR RESUME IS GETTING READY. IT'S FREE.



  1. Blogging is an art, and takes time to perfect it. It’s a matter of time passion and persistence, patience then perfection will come automatically. So more early you start , it’s better for you ,even you can start from your very first year in college , an when you pass out from University you have got four years of blogging with you. Ohh! GREAT.A GREAT RESUME.YOU BUILD THE RESUME IN THREE TO TWO YEARS TIME. 



  1. While blogging you have to be focused on your subjects’ specializations and the niche area of knowledge that one has developed, that the employer will be looking for.YOUR BASIC CORE KNOWLEDGE IS GETTING RECORDED.



  1. I wrote in one of my earlier post that “a professional is a person who is indebted to his knowledge first, then to the organization where he works”, because he hired by the employer because of his knowledge and acumen which he has utilizes to deliver the good on the table in this age of meritocracy. So Blog is a very useful tool in one’s professional career, not only for one’s employer to know you but also an asset for yourself.BLOGS AND VIDEOS ARE EXCELLENT STRATEGIC MARKETING TOOL FOR YOU,TO YOUR POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS. 

If you have any additional points that you can mention please put it in the comments.

Blog Resume and video Resume, your window to your potential employer .So why wait start your Blog today,better let than never.


Happy Bloging.Happy Video Resume.CHEERS