Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Management And Astrology:Astrology Takes The Driver Seat,Professional Management Takes the Back Seat.Horoscope Helps Careercsope.

One very interesting advertisement I noticed in today's  THE TIMES OF INDIA, it's an advertisement by the famous flamboyant Indian astrologer Bejan Daruwalla.

The caption of he advertisement is as follows:

Planning your career is just a click away!
Log on to  to know more about career jobs,promotions,appraisal,etc from Bejan Daruwalla's team of
Get personalized career guidance on email within 72 hours.
Knowledge of your future can help plan your career better.

I must say Internet advertisement is catching up.
Ganesha is an elephant god worshiped by the 
Hindus ( Myself a Hindu)in order to get success af all the
jobs that you do be it in business , marriage, career etc.

Bejan Daruwalla is a very tactful marketing man using, 
net as a very useful adverting media to reach millions 
across the world.

In this economic meltdown when the professional 
careers are becoming vulnerable Bejan Daruwalla 
has tactfully entering in the Internet advertisement
arena with sentimental catch word captions to all his
target audience , who are job seekers,direction less executives ,
executives with mid career crisis,
managing your Boss, get a good appraisal, promotions, 
managing peers ,office politics,job switching etc.

A great career counseling along with little bit of astrology keeping 
in mind under which stars you were born can fetch lot of potential 
customers round the world.

It's an unique marketing strategy where his portal has been 
designed by professional Web designer along with transaction 
facilities and potential customers can pay through American 
Express , Visa, Masters,and Pay Pal systems. can not only solve career problems, but can
 give you astrological advices on property,legal,romance and love life,
educations etc.The management of self and career has become very
 important for GenY also, these people are easy and an excellent target 
audience may be soft targets.

There is a saying in English," When Going Is Tough,It's 
Tough Get Going".Right opportunity to en cash this 
particular market segment.After all Business acumen
is very much related to opportunity seeking.

I will call this as an excellent niche strategic marketing 
may be an unique Blue Ocean Strategy.
Kim and Reenee are you listening.

Sometimes professional management can
take a back seat leaving the driving 
seat to Astrologers.

GREAT GOING ,Great Astrology.

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