Monday, January 14, 2008

Dhirubhaism : All The Mahamantras Of Late Dhirubhai Ambani.

I found a very interesting book on all Dhirubhai’s thoughts its really mind boggling. It is written by AGK who headed Mudra Advt.
‘Dhirubhaism’ - by A.G.Krishnamurthy. Tata McGraw Hill.
The Mantras are as follows:
1. roll up your sleeves and help. you and your team share the same DNA.
2. be a safety net for your team and they will perform wonders.
3. be a silent benefactor
4. dream big but dream with your eyes open.‘a vision has to be within reach not in the air. it has to be achievable.’
5. the arm-around-the- shoulder leader.‘we must learn to trust distrust kills initiative trust and transparency stimulates entrepreneurship. ‘
6. supply creates demand.‘think big, think fast, and think ahead. ideas are no one’s monopoly.’
7. money is not a product by itself. it is a by product, so don’t chase it.‘if you work with determination and perfection, success will follow.’
8. leave the professional alone.‘give the youth a proper environment. motivate them. extend them the support they need. each one of them has infinite source of energy. they will deliver.’
9. change your orbit, constantly.‘growth has no limits only when you dream it you can do it.’
10. optimism, the core of Dhiubhaism.‘pursue your goals even in the face of difficulties, and convert adversities into opportunities. ‘
11. you can find a friend in every human being.‘i have trusted people and they have put their trust in me.’
12. think big.‘for those who dare to dream, there is a whole world to win… dream and dare.
13. hold on to your dreams.‘don’t give up, courage is my conviction.’
14. bet on your people.
15. be positive.
No doubt the book is worth reading he made his empire during the Licence Raj, but he taught his two sons not only to survive but to outsmart global MNC’s in an unprotected global environment.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Three 'C's in BPR are becoming more important to run a complex business.

When the 3 C’s of Hammer in BPR is an integral part of Business Strategy for any business success. All these ‘C”s are to be carefully analyzed and meticulous strategic planning has to be taken.
The 1st ‘C’ Customers,
The 2nd ‘C’ Competitions
The 3rd ‘C’ Change.
All the ‘C’s are getting very important with business growing complex day by day, just getting a customer is becoming difficult in technical sales.
Sailing to a customer is to get into the 3 ‘C’s of your customers with empathy. Customer’s Business Cycle is getting difficult, competitions are rising, margins are getting thinner, sometime its get suffocated and the customer’s starts loosing money.
In most of the time you act as a consultant to your customer to choose /suggest a right product /solution tailoring the product according to his specific requirement.
Customers makes a total homework before going for a product/solutions more often you find him to be very focused on his requirements which are pre defined according to his business requirement.
The Customer’s Customer, the Customer’s Competitions, and Changes anticipated in Customer’s business structure is an important aspect, which you have to keep in mind before pitching your product/solution.
The customer’s customer habits are rapidly changing, so too, communications must consider language, culture, media, venue and technology for maximum effect. The way to reach these distinct marketing targets is decidedly more specialized than it once was. Tactics like interactive, targeted broadcast, experiential marketing, entertainment marketing, buzz marketing and direct customized e marketing represent just a few of the new options. Customer is very much sensitive about his demanding customer’s or else he looses his customer to his competitors.
Customer’s Change, technologies are fast becoming obsolete with the TLC/PLC becoming shorter, changes are necessary, investment protection are important, and scalability is required. Pitch in the right solution for which gives investment protection via scalability customer’s ROI should be protected thru value for money.
Tough times ahead tough customers to be broken.