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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Intel Inc, Breaking The Shakels Of Ignorance.

Education gives the maximum dividends, it's how to use it and how to capitalise it.

Corporates are working for the human capital enhancement, and
terming it as CSR.

Great corporates use this as an instrument to penetrate in markets, it's a great
philanthropic job that corporates are doing.

Any countries strength and assets are in it's Human Capital.

Assets building is human capital building, MNC corporations help countries
make quality human capital.It's stars from the basic school level,
the foundation must start in the very early days of any persons life.

Ten years of schooling is a basic necessity, but very difficult to give in poor
countries, underprivileged children are deprived of getting this basic

Prof Prahlad And His Mantras On New Benchmarking Standards.

Corporates on a continuous basis looking to enhance their efficiency.
Change management is required at every level, there is no destination.

They set standers in certain industry and try to improve to enhance
them by setting high benchmarking standard in respects to other firms
or even firms.This how firms can exist in the cut throat global
competitive market and raise their market share and profitability.
Like a gravitational full the performance standard goes down and it
comes from masters performer to an average performers.

Change management is playing a vital role in Bench Marking
and vice versa.

Here in this video we find that Prof Prahlad is
talking about enhancing the benchmarking standard.

Courtesy :McKinsey Consulting.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Business Futarist Peter Schwartz Says There Are Lot Of Other Major Econimic Problem Hidden Which Remains Unnoticed.

We’ve been so focused on the financial crisis that we’ve neglected
to pay attention to other issues, which, if left on the backburner,
could upset the status quo. That’s the view of futurist and business
strategist Peter Schwartz.

For one, Schwartz believes we could face “a high likelihood” of a
food price crisis “sometime in the next few years” – not because
he says, of a food shortage, but because of the nature of the
evolution of the commodity markets.
Courtsey : Insead Business School.
Yes today we find that the food product is going to the commodity
market and getting hedged.
In reply to this post I wrote a commnets which is as follows.

Excellent post, but it is going to be very unfortunate if you take
the food grains in the commodity market and speculate with it.

The poorest in the world are especially going to become poorer.

The basic need for food, shelter, clothing and primary healthcare
will be of the utmost need.

It is a global need; if these are not met, political and social unrest
will start and may lead to the unequal distribution of income and wealth.

We are already standing at the crossroads of capitalism. Just ten years
before, you were not sure what the future of India and China, Brazil,
Argentina would be.

But today, the emerging economies can't be ignored; CHINDIA will be
very important in the next 50 years. Latin America, Brazil and
Argentina cannot be ignored; they will be tomorrow’s market.

The EU role will change dramatically, the Anglo-American economic
supremacy will diminish.

Fossil fuels will be replaced by solar and wind power.

The Middle East problem will not be there anymore, waiting for a
multi polar world.

The rise of alternate fuel will diminish the power of the Arab world,
whereas the rise of Iran, Turkey and Indonesia will be noticed

Warm Regards,
Debashish Brahma.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dramatic Shift Of Advertisments In The Social Media Marketing.

An information bombardment, paradigm shift in the advertisements
concepts, marketing in youtube, all ad clips are posted in the
youtube, millions of viewers, I was talking with one of my faculty
friend in IIM ,Cal regarding the social media advertisements ,
and yes it's going to take of with mobile revolution clubbed with
3G tech and easy and fast video streaming.
It's a typical fore site of the advertisements of Cadbury and the
Gorilla listening to Phil Collins.

Enjoy this digital advertisements , this will come on your mobile

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tata And Innovation: A Sustained Efforts To Win Over Obsolence.

A Sustained Efforts To Win Over Obsolesce.
Tata has increased the risk taking apitite
risk management , types of innovations.

Innovation Matters.Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention.

Innovation matters, Marketing Myopia for
Motorcycle manufacturers, this was first tried
out in Holland, and now it will be in U.S.,
Some Chinese and Indian firms are planning
for this. It's recurring cost about US$0.03
per Km.

One biggest cost is the envoirnmental cost,
nobody is paying any heed to it now,we are
rushing now for electricpower,

MBA In Eighty Minutes: No Joke , It's Happening.

CAN YOU SPARE 80(Eighty) minutes in your life.
Become a MBA.
No Joke. Its happening.
Encapsulated management education,
very basic necessities of management.

Social Media And The Revolution Taking Place Today, What Will Be its Future.

Do you really think the Social media marketing will take off?
Now the MLM are happening in social media in U.S. that is the
latest trend. Yes, profession like journalism may vanish as 3G
will come and anybody using the 3G technology can pickup the
pictures/videos in mobile and twitted.

Journalism is also news marketing, the strategy and the instant
news is the most important matter in Hollywood it’s the film
critics who are using the twitter are sending message to their

I think it’s a form of promotional tool , we talked about
lean manufacturing , the Japanese pioneered, remember the
Toyota Manufacturing models, now it is the time for the
lean marketing.

In the present global scenario with budget cuts the order
of the day, the lean marketing strategy will be used very
effectively , it’s also know that the effectiveness of the
direct marketing will also increase with the internet

But again if we look only in the tertiary economic level
things will change dramatically, particularly in the service
sector. But in the secondary economic sectors things will be
enhances, you require the intelligent and knowledge manpower
who will be user of this internet revolution.

Yes too some extent our life will be changing, but be careful
a disease is coming called the INTERNET ADDICTION DISORER.(IAD)

Thanks to the Americans.

Monday, August 17, 2009

RETAIL SALE BOOSTER MODEL (RSBM) - Small-Business-Consulting - prakash gupta

I know Mr.Prakash Gupta, a very talented young man working on
he retails strategies in India, as retails sector is yet to
pick up in different formats in a typical emerging economies
like India.Mr. Gupta's analysis are excellent specially for
the Indian scenario.

RETAIL SALE BOOSTER MODEL (RSBM) - Small-Business-Consulting - prakash gupta

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Autism, Dyslexia And Genius:10,000 + Hours in life is required to master a subject.

It's a very thoughtful factor in our daily life even in office,
in our career , I have seen it's very difficult to shift a coder
from "C" language to Java.

Some people may call it resistance to change and yes it is a fear in
his mind and may be pain to re-learn the new language.
But over a period of time he master the subjects.

Mastering a subject and skill development is a very difficult on the
contrary it's very easy too it's a matter of FOCUS and REPEATED

It has been recently studied in U.S. if any one practice any particular
skill for 10000 hours, he will have the capability of expertise and
master that subject.

I read Tiger Woods started Golf at the age of
2 Years by the time he was 17 years he was the U.S.Ameture Golf champ.

Many people who are really successful had Autism
( Brain Development Disorder).

Many a times they are noticed in a human behaviour as far
as learning and delivering the knowledge is concerned.

As knowledge management is considered ,one of the most talked about
matter in today's corporate world learning experts in human capital
developments, has found that two types of extraordinary people are
there suffering from Dyslexia and Autism which are silent epidemics
and these disorders can create genius.

We very often come across people having two types of
disabilities one is Dyslexia( Learning Disorder) & Autism(Brain Development Disorder).

Sir Richard Bronson of Virgin Group

and Mr.John Chambers ,Cisco Systems Inc
also had dyslexia( Learning Disorder) in the initial years.
It was very commonly told in Cisco Systems Inc,
"That Chamber's pain is Cisco's gain".

Many people who are really successful had autism( Brain Development Disorder).

According to some Albert Einstein had slight autism and not only
that a slight Autism can lead to a genies.

Nobel laureate Vernon Smith has Asperger syndrome, which is part of the autism spectrum. He spoke publicly about it

Continues practice and relentless focus can really create wonders.
According to some it's a silent epidemic.

Next time you may come across many people like that, you may
ignore but they may be genius.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Limitation In Our Mind: It's Killing us.

We have a tremendous limitation in our mind as we grow older we have the fear element which grips us and we loose out lot of opportunities.

It's some times suicidal, we limit ourselves , and in the long run we loose out.

Ideas, Innovation , Risk Apatite, Out Of The Box Thinking,Turbulent Times,

On the contrary Rewards, Profits, Recognition.
Come give a drive and change your life and others too.

"1% Of The Population " have the courage to take risk and fail, take a risk and fail and again start afresh and succeed.

Only 1% of the population can take the challenges to take the RISK and start a big business and 99% of the people work in those business.

BRIAN TRACY's in his interview told this. This is the gut, risk taking apitite which make the small business to big business.

You may fail, but thant's not failure , it's a learning process, now with the paucity of jobs and layoffs the advice of this meverick will of great help.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Prof Pankaj ghemawat's Interview " World Is Flat".

Well it was about two years back I used to write comments in Pankaj's Blog in Harvard Digital. That was that time when I read a very interest Book by NY Times Journalist Micheal Friedman " The World Is Flat" the topic of the blog was the world is not flat ,toady i got a clip where there is an interview of Pankaj. You may find this interesting . still there are lot of imbalances.
Courtsey ; Newsweek.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Word Of Mouth Marketing Strategies Will Be An Effective Marketing Device.

In the economic downturn WOMMA is playing an active role in the promoting the products and services.

This concept was a long time concepts but got popularized bu smart U.S. based companies like DELL and Apple etc , now many companies are using WOM as prime tool for marketing.