Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Autism, Dyslexia And Genius:10,000 + Hours in life is required to master a subject.

It's a very thoughtful factor in our daily life even in office,
in our career , I have seen it's very difficult to shift a coder
from "C" language to Java.

Some people may call it resistance to change and yes it is a fear in
his mind and may be pain to re-learn the new language.
But over a period of time he master the subjects.

Mastering a subject and skill development is a very difficult on the
contrary it's very easy too it's a matter of FOCUS and REPEATED

It has been recently studied in U.S. if any one practice any particular
skill for 10000 hours, he will have the capability of expertise and
master that subject.

I read Tiger Woods started Golf at the age of
2 Years by the time he was 17 years he was the U.S.Ameture Golf champ.

Many people who are really successful had Autism
( Brain Development Disorder).

Many a times they are noticed in a human behaviour as far
as learning and delivering the knowledge is concerned.

As knowledge management is considered ,one of the most talked about
matter in today's corporate world learning experts in human capital
developments, has found that two types of extraordinary people are
there suffering from Dyslexia and Autism which are silent epidemics
and these disorders can create genius.

We very often come across people having two types of
disabilities one is Dyslexia( Learning Disorder) & Autism(Brain Development Disorder).

Sir Richard Bronson of Virgin Group

and Mr.John Chambers ,Cisco Systems Inc
also had dyslexia( Learning Disorder) in the initial years.
It was very commonly told in Cisco Systems Inc,
"That Chamber's pain is Cisco's gain".

Many people who are really successful had autism( Brain Development Disorder).

According to some Albert Einstein had slight autism and not only
that a slight Autism can lead to a genies.

Nobel laureate Vernon Smith has Asperger syndrome, which is part of the autism spectrum. He spoke publicly about it

Continues practice and relentless focus can really create wonders.
According to some it's a silent epidemic.

Next time you may come across many people like that, you may
ignore but they may be genius.

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