Friday, February 27, 2009

Goldratt The Smart Man Who Pioneered The Theory Of Constraints Management Concept..

Management is simple but unnecessary we make it complex, 
we can't avoid thinking in a smooth systematic way. 
There are many blockage in our thinking process.
A genius with his wonderful management concepts and thoughts 
so simple but so difficult to apply because of our stupidity.


It's Not Luck.

1.It's not Luck

2.Smart man learn form mistakes ,but wise men learn by seeing other's mistake.

3.People are good.

4.Stupidity has no limitations.

5.There are no conflicts in reality.

6.Common sense is not common at all.

7.The more complex the problem be,the more simpler the solution be.


9.Frustration seeks an outlet.

10.If you think you can counter emotions with logic you are 
not married.

11.Scared cows makes excellent stakes.

12.Isn't is obvious?

13.Don't bark if you can' bite.

14.As long as you can not clearly verbalize your intuitions ,the 
only thing that you communicate is your confusion.

15.Be an Old Bull.

16.Pussy Cat.

Genius, Thought Provoking, Smart, Bold, it's all Goldratt. 

Enjoy his video , I am sure you will like it MIND BLOWING.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Harvard Business Review Award To C.K.Prahlad & Jab Burgmann For The Article "Cocreating Business's New Social Compact". "

Prof C.K. Prahlad along with Jeb Burgmann received the HBR 
award for the articles "Co creating Business's New Social 
Compact".They made all the researches in the emerging 
markets identified the bottom of the Pyramid, looked into 
the opportunities for serving 4 Bn people who are the 
future potential customers  for the MNC's and the 
uniqueness in co-operation that will be required along 
with the NGOs , value creation by the technology companies 
and the new ideas from the developing and emerging 
world market.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Culture Of Innovation In The Most Innovative Company In America- W.L.Gore & Associate.

As we say Innovation is a buzz word in today's business success and it's depends to what extent it can be put to use. Here is an interesting lecture by Kelly from W.L.Gore Associate considered to be one of the most innovative companies in America.


It is a process where the entire individual contributes in the process of innovation. The managerial structural reporting  is not needed and it's only needed when required. 


Managing the environment is the most necessary thing if you ca manage automatically innovation will fall in place. 


A shared and a distributed leadership are required which develops the culture of innovation.


Please click:


 Good reading and a very good video.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Games The First Boss Should Play With The Fresh Recruits From College And Universities

This is the hiring time for all fresh engineers and MBAs. Every year they join the corporate in the month of April, May, and June.

With lot of expectations,energy, vigor, optimism and with good academic and training background  they are recruited from colleges and universities to the corporate.

These young educated people have tremendous potentials and they can perform at their peak performance provided they are given a very conducive environment where they can perform brilliantly.

What is this Conducive Corporate Environment and who are the major players(FIRST BOSS) who play an important role to make these young people to work and perform at their best.

They are the managers(First Boss) to whom the new recruits report, they play most pivotal role in building and shaping the new recruits careers and help them to build them as leaders in future.

The role the First Boss is very important  in setting directions , making and shaping these young peoples mind, careers and individual goals along with the corporate goals.

Games the First Boss should play with these young and fresh graduates just coming out from colleges.

1. Responsibility and Challenge: The first Boss is an important person in everyone’s life, as we commonly say first impression is the best impression the first boss makes lasting impression in the fresh recruits’ mind. You are the leader, manager, motivator, mentor, friend, philosopher, and guide to these young men. Your responsibility is to make them true leader and a performer in the long run. Undoubtedly this very challenging task and a stupendous responsibility to become the first boss in some ones life.


2. Task  and Target Oriented: Right from the day one makes them accountable for the job they have been assigned for. Be candid and polite to them and make them understand that they have been  recruited for these specific task and should be ready to and willing to go for hard work in order to achieve the targets that they has been assigned for. In a professionally managed organization performance is the only thing that matters. Be task an oriented Boss not a task master.When specific targets  are given along with time deadlines they may feel little bit nervous not for achieving the targets within that deadline it's the First Boss job to show them the process how to achieve the targets within the deadlines. Make them successful because their success is your success.


3. Teacher and Coach: The First Boss right from the day one make the business process understand to these young recruits, it involves lot of teaching and coaching for these young resources.


4. Power house of Encouragement: The First Boss is the source of encouragement, he is the person who will break all the fears and doubts in the mind of these your people, enable them to open up their mind which can be a bonanza.Encorage them to come out with new ideas of doing the job and help them to do the "Out Of The Box Thinking".


5. Appreciation Catalyst: The First Boss should be loud in their appreciations even for little achievements that these young guys make.


6. Can Do Attitude Initiator: Appreciations by First Boss is like wining first 100 meters flat race in schools, it increases the confidence level in these young minds and the “Can Do” attitude starts developing.After they accomplish small task and targets ,slowly give them additional responsibility and bigger task and targets,make use of the "Can Do" attitude artfully.


7.Hand Holding If Necessary: First Boss should never hesitate to roll up his sleeves and make his hand dirty to teach complex things to these young recruits, once he teaches them his job becomes easier. Never get irritated even if they ask you very stupid questions. Remember your parents did hand holding while making you walk.Remember handholding is a part of mentoring,they remain obligated and indebted to you throughout their life.


8. Delegate and Encourage Them to Take Decisions: First Boss should delegate little power and ask them to take small decisions. Look out carefully for the outcome of the decisions if it’s good give them appreciations, if the outcome is poor sit with them to analyze where it went wrong and what precaution they should take while making the next decisions. Don’t shout at them if the decision is wrong they will close them up get back in to their cocoon. After all decision making is the most important thing in business. Help them to make good decision makers.


9. Respect Leads to Responsibility: The First Boss should never ever disrespect these young recruits’ .Respect works like magic. If you respect these young recruits they not only reciprocate but automatically take responsibility, and once they take full responsibility they start delivering the goods. Results give confidence, and confidence building is a step by step method. Delivering results becomes a habit.Mutual Respect is a 'Win-Win" situation.


10. Never Steal Credits: The First Boss should never be a credit stealer, remember these young people are very smart they understand every thing, if you have a 360 degree appraisal system working in your firm they will fix you up then. Credit stealing by a boss is like digging his own grave in the professional organization.


11. Don’t involve them in Office Politics: Every office has got office politics; the First Boss should never use these young recruits as pawn in the office politics that he may be involved in. These young guys will come to know office politics and lobbying in due course .Office politics reduces energy and in turn reduces efficiency.


12. Close Monitoring: The First Boss should keep a strong vigil about the quality of learning, engagement and the involvement in the work that these young recruits are doing. Keep always the communication channel open.Make the communication is an adult -adult mode.


13. Encourage Them to Do Self Audit And Introspection: The First Boss should make sure that the young recruits are making the “Self Audit” after first ninety days of work and correcting themselves on the basis of their audits. Ask them to find out their own mistakes/drawbacks and remedial measures which they need to overcome them.Give them suggestions about the blind spots which you may find by using Johary window.


14. Make Them “Think Big”: The First Boss should be able to make these young guys to “Think Big”. So he has to “Think Big” in order made others “Think Big”. If you can make them “Think Big” they can achieve big.'Thinking Big" is a practice and it stays lifelong.


15. Never Be Afraid of Smart and Intelligent Recruits: Last but not the least the First Boss may come across young recruits much smarter and intelligent than him, please don’t get afraid of them, don’t think them as your threat. Smart people working in your team can make you and your team smarter.

These are all old saying and observations; it’s just like old wine in the new bottle.

One interesting survey was conducted by an agency and it was found that 47% of the employees don't leave the organisation but actually leave their Boss. 

It’s easier said that done. It’s true the impact of the FIRST BOSS lasts long.

Just after academics entering into the new unknown big corporate world is a transformation stage, where a professionally qualified student has to perform and deliver, some perform and excel and some don't ,with my experience and observations  I have written this topic.

Some BOSS you want to remember throughout your life and some you don’t want to remember at all, and they are your nightmare.

If you any thing to add to this, please feel free to do.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Intellectual Ability And The Speed of Performance and It's Importance In Today's Management.

It's about the managers and processionals ability to perform in a brilliant manner in their respective fields.
Specially it has been seen he Intellectual ability is required which can be developed over a period of time .

It's the mental ability the agility of the mind which works along with Central nervous system and the brain.

In a very interesting article "Intellectual Ability And Speed Of Performance" by C.F. Goodey

Learning things fast and doing things fast (Implementation of learning and knowledge) which develops in the mind of a person.In modern management science it is matter of speed and consistency which matters .Human intellect plays an important role for all the efficiency and peak performance in managerial role that a professional has to play in his day to day life to achieve his task and goals in the business .

In modern times the sense of urgency and the intellect levels are prime important in performing a job with efficiency are of utmost importance.

Old Greek philosophers like Pluto, Aristrotle,Socrates stressed about the mind taming and the mind  game which a person has to play in order to have and generate his intellectual abilities.

All human has the cognitive intellects at various level where his mind develops 
different faculties ( abilities) in order to perform his jobs ant different levels.

A very interesting reading.
Enjoy reading...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Treasure Hunt By Silverstein and Butman-A Book Review.

Recently I was reading an interesting book "Treasure Hunt" Inside The Mind of The New Customer by Michael J.Silverstein Sr Vice president of BCG and John Butman.
It's about the emerging markets and the middle of the Global Economic Pyramid.

The customers mental alignment and they wish to spend the money and spending millions of dollars to buy products and services.

One very inserting thing the emerging markets has really becoming very big for all the MNC's.

As these market matures the focus of all the MNC's will be towards these markets.

It's very true the emerging markets are the future and specially due to the huge demographic advantage.

McDonald's,Kmart,Wal Mart all are not only refocusing their existing markets and tailoring their products but also looking to the emerging markets.It has to be a very quick decisions to change and grab the opportunities that are in front of them.

One very interesting point in this book that they have said about LG the South Korean conglomerate which has really reshaped itself it was founded in 1947 and how it transformed to a global electronic giant producing quality product going into the global households.

The middle class market is still there and organisation should take the full opportunity to exploit this market.Innovate your product and services and tap this market which is a global and have still got huge untapped potential.

I think this is worth reading and get an idea about the picture of the potential of the new middle class customers of the existing and emerging market of the globe.
Get a copy of this if possible to over come the marketing Myopia.

Jack Welch & Lee Iacocca :Their Unique Strategic Leadership Styles Which Are Evergreen .

Recently I was reading lot of book about the Leadership , specially about the corporate Leadership. How it works. Can it really fit in to any corporate or in any organisation even non profit organisations. I found very interestingly two Great Corporate Leaders Management Mantra's on Leadership Styles are excellent and evergreen.

The economic roller coaster’s ride which has made life of managers challenging and difficult, can make use of the unique combination of these two leadership styles of Jack Welch and Lee Iacocca.

According to legendary Jack Welch for achieving success in any walk of life, a person should have good leadership qualities. He found some people setting the right goals, reaching them the right way and doing both in the right amount of time, which is what leadership, is when you get right down to it. According to Welch, four essential traits of leadership start with an  E's Of Leadership. I wrote a review about this book in my blog.

One, successful leaders have tons of positive Energy; they love action and relish' challenge.

Two, they have the ability to Energize others- inspire them to move mountains when they have to.

Then, they have the Edge - the courage to take tough decisions.

And last but the least finally they can Execute. Effective Execution is considered to be the most important element but this can not be possible without the first 3Es.

I found a very interesting blog Leadership Blog where the whole E's has been properly described.

Another legendary business leader Lee Iacocca, former CEO, Chrysler, a leader needs 9Cs without which he can not be an effective leader.

The first 'C is 'Curiosity'. He must listen to people outside the 'yes sir' crowd and have the courage to listen to dissenting voices.

The second 'C is 'creative' instinct or willingness to try some thing new. This can also be called 'out of box' thinking.

The third 'C is ability to 'Communicate' effectively.

The fourth 'C is 'Character' which is understanding the difference between right and wrong and getting to do the right thing. This can also be called listening to one's conscience.

The fifth 'C is 'Courage' which means sitting down at the negotiable table and talk. Sometime courage may prove to be expensive but it is essential since any act done out of fear can never lead to success.

The sixth 'C is 'conviction'. Without conviction in oneself and whatever he is going to do, success would remain elusive.

The seventh 'C is 'Charisma'. Without developing charismatic quality, one cannot inspire others to achieve the desired goals.

The eighth 'C is 'Competence'. Without competence you would never know whether the way you want to achieve your goal, is right or wrong.

The ninth 'C is 'common sense' or in other words, instinct. The only way one can get things going his way as a human being is his ability to reason and application of common sense.

A very Useful Link about  Lee Iacocca

Enjoy Reading and Managing the Turbulent Times.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fresh MBA & Engineers : Tough Time Don't Last,It's The Tough People Who Last.

First of all a big congratulation for becoming an Engineer and MBA.

Fresh MBA’s & Engineers should not loose heart during these turbulent times.

Well there has been lot of talks regarding the requirements or the fresh MBA Engineers all across the world.

Economic Meltdown is to be blamed for the reasons for no job, no takers for these young professionals.

Over supply of engineers and MBA in the market, they are not in a bargaining position with their employers , the salaries offered can not fend their cost and the hefty EMI they have to pay for the loans they took for studying Engineering and MBA, the competition has become intense,only sales jobs are there in the market,even a finance,HR,Systems specialisation are doing sales jobs,difficult to keep the job,target pressure is too high etc etc..

One very common attributes that both engineers and MBAs have is the problem solving capabilities. Both are trained in their respective fields to solve problems.Both are hired and paid for solving problems. They are in the midst of a global recession and this has become a problem for getting a right kind of job.Now it's a question of the right kind of mind set and attitude for solving their own problem.

Nothing to worry, education if it’s proper will certainly be in use if not today later on.

Some little suggestions to these young guys who are really feeling the pinch just after getting out of the college and are deprived of jobs to their expectations.

There are silver lining behind the dark clouds these adversities has to be converted into opportunities.

1. Tough time doesn’t last, it’s the tough people last, and the crisis will be over sooner or later.

2. Have patience, take this as a challenge, what ever job you get just grab it and try to prove yourselves. It may be a humble beginning but the experience can come very handy later on. Remember a professional is a person who is indebted to his knowledge first then to the organization where he is giving his service.It's like Dale Carnegie way of looking at a lemon,if you get a lemon make a lemonade out of it.

3. It’s the time when you can rally introspect yourself and make a complete SWOT analysis. A councilor can help you out. It’s the right time when you can find a proper niche for yourself and be focused.

4. Look out for business opportunities; this is the right time to be self employed use your extra sills to get self employed. Capital will be your innovative idea and energy and knowledge you have with you which is an assets. Please don’t make it NPA ( Non Performing assets).It's your APR ( Absolute Personal Responsibility)to manage you performance.

5. Right time to get some extra qualifications if possible with a minimum cost, and in today’s knowledge driven economy a person has to remain a student through out his life.

6. Be very Pro Active always look out for opportunities never allow an opportunity to flow away from your hands between your fingers. A little bit of Out of The Box Thinking can help you out.Right time to use your very own networking and PR.

7. Optimism can always gives positive results in life it's the Pygmalion effect in you which may play wonders. Remember you guys have got immense potential don't mis use it,use it you to the hilt.

8. Go back to Point No 1.

You can be a Jack Walch and a Lee Iaccoca one day ,you have it in you, try to extract 100% from you , you are your own master ,never take an Ostrich like attitude.

Don't worry be happy.

A small guidelines - Enjoy it!!