Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fresh MBA & Engineers : Tough Time Don't Last,It's The Tough People Who Last.

First of all a big congratulation for becoming an Engineer and MBA.

Fresh MBA’s & Engineers should not loose heart during these turbulent times.

Well there has been lot of talks regarding the requirements or the fresh MBA Engineers all across the world.

Economic Meltdown is to be blamed for the reasons for no job, no takers for these young professionals.

Over supply of engineers and MBA in the market, they are not in a bargaining position with their employers , the salaries offered can not fend their cost and the hefty EMI they have to pay for the loans they took for studying Engineering and MBA, the competition has become intense,only sales jobs are there in the market,even a finance,HR,Systems specialisation are doing sales jobs,difficult to keep the job,target pressure is too high etc etc..

One very common attributes that both engineers and MBAs have is the problem solving capabilities. Both are trained in their respective fields to solve problems.Both are hired and paid for solving problems. They are in the midst of a global recession and this has become a problem for getting a right kind of job.Now it's a question of the right kind of mind set and attitude for solving their own problem.

Nothing to worry, education if it’s proper will certainly be in use if not today later on.

Some little suggestions to these young guys who are really feeling the pinch just after getting out of the college and are deprived of jobs to their expectations.

There are silver lining behind the dark clouds these adversities has to be converted into opportunities.

1. Tough time doesn’t last, it’s the tough people last, and the crisis will be over sooner or later.

2. Have patience, take this as a challenge, what ever job you get just grab it and try to prove yourselves. It may be a humble beginning but the experience can come very handy later on. Remember a professional is a person who is indebted to his knowledge first then to the organization where he is giving his service.It's like Dale Carnegie way of looking at a lemon,if you get a lemon make a lemonade out of it.

3. It’s the time when you can rally introspect yourself and make a complete SWOT analysis. A councilor can help you out. It’s the right time when you can find a proper niche for yourself and be focused.

4. Look out for business opportunities; this is the right time to be self employed use your extra sills to get self employed. Capital will be your innovative idea and energy and knowledge you have with you which is an assets. Please don’t make it NPA ( Non Performing assets).It's your APR ( Absolute Personal Responsibility)to manage you performance.

5. Right time to get some extra qualifications if possible with a minimum cost, and in today’s knowledge driven economy a person has to remain a student through out his life.

6. Be very Pro Active always look out for opportunities never allow an opportunity to flow away from your hands between your fingers. A little bit of Out of The Box Thinking can help you out.Right time to use your very own networking and PR.

7. Optimism can always gives positive results in life it's the Pygmalion effect in you which may play wonders. Remember you guys have got immense potential don't mis use it,use it you to the hilt.

8. Go back to Point No 1.

You can be a Jack Walch and a Lee Iaccoca one day ,you have it in you, try to extract 100% from you , you are your own master ,never take an Ostrich like attitude.

Don't worry be happy.

A small guidelines - Enjoy it!!


The CEO Insights said...

I think anyone can move with the flow.. the real test comes at the time of turbulence.

Myself being an MBA student, couldn't see any signs of recession in the placement scenario till August 08, but suddenly the whole thing has changed.

Now students looking for job are not choosers. The most important thing is to get a Job on one's kitty.

and for al those aspiring MBA's, i think the author has rightly said that this is the right time to do it. As by the time you complete MBA, recession may get over.

moreover, all the suggestions given in the article need to be implemented. Especially right attitude is something that is a prerequisite.

Founder, The CEO Insights

Debashish Bramha said...

Dear Dheeraj,
Thanks for the comments, it's true that bad times will be over ,it's just a matter of time.
In 2010 onwards thing will look good, if you, take any book of economics it will only last maximum for 3-4 years.But this time will all fiscal stimulus this can be reduced to only 1-11/2 years.