Sunday, September 30, 2007

Globalisation Solution

The Globalization some 3rd world countries will and is benefiting, if you take the BRIC bloc, sub Saharan Africa they will benefit immensely, the poor countries will in a position to eradicate poverty by the following factors:
1.Investments: MNC will invest and in turn generate employments. The stander of living will increase.
2.Technology: Technology will be transferred, and absorbing of technology will is very critical factor in a developing country. Technology transfers is bound to happen
3. Interdependence: More we are interdependent you can avoid conflicts every country knows their economy will get jeopardize if
War or conflicts starts.
4. Bottom of the Pyramid: Globalization will help to reach all the 5 billion People who are in the BOP.
5. Global Standardisation: Globalisation will help in standardization of Technology, Management Practice, Education, Health Care, Governence and Global Human Capital Index will increase.
6. Competetion: Globalization will definitely increase fair competition, and competition will help global market maturity and product/service perfection.
7. Comparative Advantages: Ricardo's Comparative advantages will
Come in true sense and country’s Competitive Advantages will come in place and take a proper shape.
8. Cross Road of Capitalism: Capitalism will no more be a dirty word, Gobalisation will help to eradicate poverty and in turn willErase corruption to some extent from 3rd World countries।
Debashsh Brahma

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind. Touch Point Marketing

Very recently I was reading an article about a word called Touch Points. Rather
Touch point marketing. When I was a student in my PG management days I read a lot
from Late Theodore Levitt, Prof in Harvard Business School.
He believed that there is saying in English “Intimacy breeds contempt”, but in the case of marketing “if you are not in the sight of your customer you are not in the mind of your customer”.

In Advertisement we commonly use a word called “Top Of The Mind” concept, the brand name will come out as soon as you name a Product /Service Category. In other words it is the battle to win the share of mind.
It can only be possible if the cycle of Perception, Expectation, Experience and Performance of the product/services are perfectly right. Not only that it should be so good that it should help in repeat buy/reference point and the customer will stick to that particular product /service and slowly build up an attachment to that product/service in turn develops relationship.
Now every time the customer touches the POS (Point Of Sales) or Point Of Service(PoS) he receives an excellent (QoS) Quality of Services. What ever has been promised to the customer, seller keeps his promises every time he interacts with the customer?
In the case of a Global Corporation and in the era of globalization it will be able to keep its promises all over the world and across the world at any point and at every moment.
So to give a world class service and global marketing strategy all MNCs go for a massive Global reach out in form of Touch points.
Buy a laptop in London get it serviced in Singapore with same satisfaction level, which you had in buying the Laptop in London and serviced in Singapore.
So Points are basically the outlets where it is being manufactured /assembled or outlets from where it is sold or after sales services is made.
The quality standards has to be maintained at stringent levels and promises are to be kept as promised before the sale or pre sales at the time of sale and after sales.
According to some marketing experts the very moment you are using a product or seeing it (Product/services) is also doing the marketing for itself. Like driving a Mercedes, using an Operating Systems.
Marketing professionals can not ignore the Touch Point concept anymore.

Debashish Brahma.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

India in 2010 will be a US$ 1Trillon plus economy

By 2010 India’s GDP will be to a tune of US$1 Trillion Plus. It is just 28 Months away from today. All sectors are growing at a rampant speed and India is really reaping the benefits of the Economic reforms which was started in 1991.
Now the question is really India geared up to adept to this change or is it really touching the upper echelons on the society and the bottom layer is getting deprived or not really getting the adequate benefits and rewards from the Economic Reforms .
We can say the that as the economic development is happening it is cutting thru all he layers of the society.
One of my friend was telling me in the city of Delhi it is difficult to get a car Driver less that Rs 6,500/- per month.
The migrant people from Bihar has flooded Delhi, he is ready to do the hard work and can adjusted to the rough and tough condition of Delhi, he can send money order to his wife and put his son to school which he was deprived off. If he is little bit enterprising he can easily make a little bit saving and can buy a CNG Taxi on his own and can easily increase his income to Rs 12,000/- Per Month.. his family is using mobile, and he can easily get connected to his wife, enquire about the health of old dependent mother, about his kid’s education, and can advice his nephew to come down to Delhi to for a better job opportunity and future. He can park a little bit of saving in Post Office or a Mutual fund
He understands the value of educations and is very particular about his school going children.
We see really he is slowly climbing up the Abs Maslows Ego Need ..
Really there will be 400 Million India consumers who will really benefit in 2010.
Big market which will never deplete and evergreen.
MNC can’t afford to stay away, it’s ga ga.
Debashish Brahma.

Business can not be taught it can only be caught

There is an old saying that Business can not be taught it can only be caught.
Too some extent it is right , if see old days all mavericks like Bell, Edison,Liver Brothers, they never went to B School, but have learned the trick of the trade with their own gut and grits, some times they have become successful and some times they have failed miserable.
Even our own Late G.D. Birla,Late Dhirubhai Ambani amde it big with having any formal education . The most important thing to have success is business is Common sense. On the other day I was listening to an interview of a highly successful banker Mr K.V. Kamath, he said that 65% of success is due to high degree of common sense.
B School can help to learn the recorded tools and techniques which can be applied in certain situation where it can be replicated rated and simulating condition.B Schools has to put more emphasis on applications of recoded knowledge rater than theoretical knowledge.New business is all about new ideas.
Idea in nobody monopoly, it can be Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling, Larry Page,
or even Wright Brothers. Catching a new idea is most important, there are plenty of ideas which are floating but how to catch them.
It is entrepreneurship, any body's Guss.


debashish brahma