Sunday, September 30, 2007

Globalisation Solution

The Globalization some 3rd world countries will and is benefiting, if you take the BRIC bloc, sub Saharan Africa they will benefit immensely, the poor countries will in a position to eradicate poverty by the following factors:
1.Investments: MNC will invest and in turn generate employments. The stander of living will increase.
2.Technology: Technology will be transferred, and absorbing of technology will is very critical factor in a developing country. Technology transfers is bound to happen
3. Interdependence: More we are interdependent you can avoid conflicts every country knows their economy will get jeopardize if
War or conflicts starts.
4. Bottom of the Pyramid: Globalization will help to reach all the 5 billion People who are in the BOP.
5. Global Standardisation: Globalisation will help in standardization of Technology, Management Practice, Education, Health Care, Governence and Global Human Capital Index will increase.
6. Competetion: Globalization will definitely increase fair competition, and competition will help global market maturity and product/service perfection.
7. Comparative Advantages: Ricardo's Comparative advantages will
Come in true sense and country’s Competitive Advantages will come in place and take a proper shape.
8. Cross Road of Capitalism: Capitalism will no more be a dirty word, Gobalisation will help to eradicate poverty and in turn willErase corruption to some extent from 3rd World countries।
Debashsh Brahma

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