Saturday, September 19, 2009

SENCE OF URGENCY-A matter of attitude.

The sense of urgency has become a very important phrase in
today’s business world.

The effectiveness and the execution capabilities are of
paramount importance to all the managers in the world
of deliverable.

Jack Welsh talked about the SPEED is an essential element
of all success for an organization in today corporate.

John P. Kotter the Harvard Professor talked and wrote
about the Sense of Urgency.

The time which is the most perishable resource, and is
connected to the economic values of an organization.

The optimal utilization of time, keeping in mind the maximum
corporate benefits as an essential acumen for any

1.Urgency in product development.

2.Urgency in identifying product positioning.

3.Urgency in identifying the product fault and taking corrective measures.

4.Urgency in entering in the global market.

5.Urgency in finding new business Opportunities.

6.Urgency in locating business partners as well as outsourcing partners.

7.Urgency in making the supply chain ready and effective.

8.Urgency in proper fund management.... and many more

The most important thing are in the

The Sense of Urgency is basically an attitude and metal frame
of mind of the Executives with out laid back character.

JOHN P.KOTTERS On "Sence Of Urgency"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Innovation: How Can I Innovate.

Innovation:What is required to have innovation , all the books and
the Blogs and sites where information about Innovation is stored.
Game Changer:P&G's Case Study, very interesting.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gary Hamel:About Management Innovation

Prof Hamel talked about Management Innovation, lot has been talked about technological innovation but Prof Hamel wonderfully explained about the Management Innovation.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Philip Kotler On Internet Marketing Strategies.

Prof.Philip Kotler on the change of Internet marketing strategy.

Internet a very powerful medium of advertisements and can
be an effective sales tool for and organisation.

The Values ,Missions, Visions and the deliverable along
with the uniqueness can attract the customers to purchase
on line.

Recently in a survey by Knowledge Wharton, it has been estimated
that the e-business will increase by 46% in coming years.

Here he has talked about the multiple niches firms should have instead
of one niche, as a safe guard for the market uncertainty specially
for firms producing high end products mainly based on technology.

The ever evolving and evergreen marketing ideas
and strategies.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Philip Kotler: The Marketing Guru4Ever Going Stronger With His Analysys.

Prof Philip Kotler with his new definition Of Marketing.

The Marketing Guru4Ever is gaining and analysing
Marketing once again.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

HSBC Ltd, London Has Advices On Certain Management Strategies For Their Clients In These Challenging Times.

Managing efficiently business, HSBC Ltd , London has made certain
rudimentary management practice by which it will be possible for
all the small and medium size business should take a control in
these turbulent times.

The basic principals are very simple.

1.Manage your Cash Flows: Liquidity Crunch can be dangerous.

2.Cutting Cost: Cost Cutting is the buzzword for all big
and small.

3.Sales & Marketing: Additional breather, innovation in
marketing with minimum expenditure.

4.Building Relationship: Marketing is Business.
Business is relationship building. Put proper focus on relationship
building. Bad times will be over, but relationship will stay on.
It’s an investment for long term benefits.

5.Opportunity Seeking: Right time too seek opportunity
and exploit it. Big opportunity can slip out from hands if you are
direction less.

All investment bankers, merchant bankers advice their
clients on these lines.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Changing Role In Journalism,Average Man In The Street Are Going To Become New Collectors, And News Will Travel At The Speed Of Light.

With rapid change in technology in recent times some profession
will vanish.

Journalist will be an extinct species in the coming year.

With the Internet revolution and the Social Media playing an
important role all guys are moving towards that.

The digital version of newspapers is the order of the day in
developed countries.

As we move to Web 3.0 the advertisements which has been the main
source of earning for newspaper print industry is slowly diminishing.

Advertisers are keen to give the advertisements on the net and on
the web site as ROI in advertisements expenditure is an important
factor in any budget constrained firm.

Empirical accuracy and transparency in the ROI and advertisements
and publicity is the main cause of concern for marketers., Kindle and the micro blogging, specially Twitter has
revolutionized the journalism, news can the spread with the light
of speed and it’s a common man to common man news wire.

The Iran election and killing of an Iranian girl Nada, the whole
world has come to know the power of micro blogging and specially
Twitter, a common man in the street of Tehran
became a journalist as people round the world have seen the death
of the poor girl live and almost instantly.
There was a time when we read “Pen is Mightier than Sword”,
it’s now Twitter is Mightier than Pen.

The profession of journalism will shift, existing journalist
has to work in a different parameter, here is an interview
of an Professor in Stanford University.

Killing Of Nada and Twitter role: A passerby captured
this in the cell phone and twetted to the whole world.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ehtics Has Become An Important Subject In MBA Carriculam.

After all the drama and Ethical meltdown which catapulted to
Economic Meltdown, now business schools all over the world putting
emphasis on Business Ethics as a core subject very much like
Finance,Marketing, HR, etc.

Profit is not a dirty word, profit is the degree of efficiency
with which a management operates its business in the society and
in the global society.

Paying Taxes and doing justice to all the stake holder of the
business is of paramount importance today.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a must.MBA Curriculum are
designed accordingly.


Turbulent Time :It's An Oppertunity Time.

Turbulent Times : What corporates must be doing to reap the benefits.
It's an opportunity time.
Time to reconcile.
Time to rebuild.
Time to rethink.
Time to reorganise.
Time to reinvent.
Time to manage with small budgets.
Time to innovate.

It's the golden time, it's the time when weakness can be converted
to strength.

If Winter Comes Can Spring Be Far Behind.

Future Technology Futurist- Daniel Burrus.

Innovation and technology future trend predictor -Daniel Burrus.
Predicting future trend in the technology is one of the most
difficult task.
But Daniel Burrus is a remarkable man who has done accurate
prediction about the future of technological changes that
happened, Its the change strategy and an identification of
the potential future demands the customers can never thought
of it before.
It's the future that a firm must have the far sight to find.
In today's business far sight is important, firms retains
competitive advantages over their rivals, if they can produce
products and services by identifying the future needs of the