Saturday, September 5, 2009

Changing Role In Journalism,Average Man In The Street Are Going To Become New Collectors, And News Will Travel At The Speed Of Light.

With rapid change in technology in recent times some profession
will vanish.

Journalist will be an extinct species in the coming year.

With the Internet revolution and the Social Media playing an
important role all guys are moving towards that.

The digital version of newspapers is the order of the day in
developed countries.

As we move to Web 3.0 the advertisements which has been the main
source of earning for newspaper print industry is slowly diminishing.

Advertisers are keen to give the advertisements on the net and on
the web site as ROI in advertisements expenditure is an important
factor in any budget constrained firm.

Empirical accuracy and transparency in the ROI and advertisements
and publicity is the main cause of concern for marketers., Kindle and the micro blogging, specially Twitter has
revolutionized the journalism, news can the spread with the light
of speed and it’s a common man to common man news wire.

The Iran election and killing of an Iranian girl Nada, the whole
world has come to know the power of micro blogging and specially
Twitter, a common man in the street of Tehran
became a journalist as people round the world have seen the death
of the poor girl live and almost instantly.
There was a time when we read “Pen is Mightier than Sword”,
it’s now Twitter is Mightier than Pen.

The profession of journalism will shift, existing journalist
has to work in a different parameter, here is an interview
of an Professor in Stanford University.

Killing Of Nada and Twitter role: A passerby captured
this in the cell phone and twetted to the whole world.

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