Thursday, January 21, 2010

MBA's: What Management Schools Should Do : Reshaping Business Education.

MBA degree it carries a lot of weight, it don’t carry any
weight both the statements are true.

Many a times it has been seen many successful people got
in to business and has been very successful and their acts
have been followed by many Management Gurus.

Many Management Gurus are not MBA, it’s a very unique the content are
a permutation and combination of different subjects and constantly

But the question come can you teach anybody swimming on the ground.
The answer is –NO, you have to take a plunge in the swimming pool
, and gulp some water and over a period of time you come to know
the freestyle swimming, tend of course after you master freestyle,
you become a specialist in BUTTERFLY, 100M, 200M, etc.

The most important task you have to DELIVER.
Yes deliver; what you deliver is the most important thing,
at what speed, at what cost, at what accuracy, at what value
add you do.

All the above factors are measurable with high-end software.

The Business schools are trying to ship shape the whole curriculum
to fit in the need of the Future Leaders.

""The MBAs have to look to the social sectors and the CSR which will be an important aspect in today’s business.
Life of the new breed of MBA’s are going to get tough, the recruiters aren’t able to put money for training, but should be self-starters, take up leadership position over a period of time.
With rising interest in corporate social responsibility and increasing doubt in the sanctity of institutions, an evolving breed of MBA student is surveying the business landscape with a more discerning eye and demanding a new type of education. One person who feels this shift acutely is Blair Sheppard, dean of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Sheppard has a prime view of this maelstrom of forces—changing expectations from students, different contours of global business, new management issues for educational institutions—and a unique perspective on what these portend for business students and business schools alike. He spoke in New York with McKinsey Quarterly editor Allen Webb about where MBA education stands in the wake of the financial crisis.



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Understanding Your Strategic Purpose-Nikos Mourkogiannis

This is repetition of Prof Peter F. Drucker in the
"PRINCIPAL & PRACTICE OF Management" in 1954 if
I'm correct, he elaborate the whole thing of purpose.
This gentleman has clarified it very carefully and

The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.
By Late Prof Peter F. Drucker.

There are two types of PURPOSE Individual and Corporate.
The conclusion s are good and very relevant in today's
business context.

Purpose to fulfill and to get motivated.
and achieve life and corporate goals with positive motivation.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Prof.Philip Kotler on Blue Ocean Startegy.

I came across an interview of Philip Kotler - The Marketing
Guru of this modern time. He recommends his audience to
read Blue Ocean Strategy and he highlighted some tools like
"Strategy canvas". He said that the confluence of strategic
ideas by Hamel , Michael Porter and latest by Kim Chen on
Blue Ocean is very clearly understood. Blue Ocean has
conceptualized the concept of marketing strategy in an
uncontested space.

It’s often seen that the Business Strategy and
Marketing Strategy are getting intersected, and
over a period of time the intersection area
will increase

As Gary Hamel in his last book (which I read)
The Future Of Management, it’s the matter
of Innovation of Management Strategy, lot of
innovation work has been done in technical products and
processes, but Innovation of Management Strategy is
very seldom done and I think out of the box thinkers
are very few in the world.

Prof. Kotler even at 80 years plus is very sharp and all
keep a tap on all the new developments going on around
the management world.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Management Trends from 2010 onwards.

Fortunately or unfortunately the world within a very short period
of time is becoming very much clubbed together a metamorphosis
into a global village, our economies are interwoven and interconnected.
There are many new lesson that we learned in last decade that Editor
of HBR has discussed in the HBR blog.

HBRblog has published the top 12 trends shaping management
as we knew it that has happened in the turbulent decade.

The world has to take lessons , technological breakthroughs, business
process breakthroughs, business idea breakthroughs. Management
process breakthroughs.

1. Cloud Computing-remotely managing systems across the world.

2. Stakeholders Value, and value creation will be of utmost importance.

3. Watch out carefully the Social Media Network, and can it really catapult sales figures.

4. Sourcing: Out sourcing, Open sourcing, Crowed Sourcing, Wisdom Sourcing.

5. Privatize: Productivity increases.

6. Corporate Sustainability: Green & Clean Tech. Copenhagen may
be a failure, but people across the world are coming to know the
harmful effect of Co and Co2 emissions.

7. Reverse Innovation: Innovation and evangelism has to work together.
Innovation is the Buzz word.

8. Behavariols Economics: Turn a new chapter in the books of economics,
or even a new era of economics.

9. Compete on Analytics: High end analysis, analytics can make out and
help in decision making.

10. Creative Organization: Innovation in the process of business, flexi
timing, entrepreneur within enterprise.

11. High Potential: Creativity, Idea generation, Stretched targets.

12. Enterprise Risk Management: Business is risk; managing and smartly
dabbling with risk will be the greatest challenge.

In my opinion it’s true the world is getting flattened
technologies are getting adopted , the two most happening
thing that has happened the HBR Editors has overlooked is
the CKP’s keen observation that the BOP is getting
neglected the 4 Bn people living below US$2 per day
and another man Md Younnis , the man who got
recognized by successfully implementing the stupendous
task of Micro Credit in order to eradicate poverty
from the face of the world..

Tomorrow the driver of growth will be from the countries in the
ASIA, Latin America and Africa.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Blogging Plan for 2010

This year( 2010) I have made some concrete plan
with my Blog writing.

I have taken a resolution that all the posting
will be in line with Strategy and certain area
of Strategic management which is very
much contemporary in this changing world.

My focus will be in the following topics:

1. Strategy for entering into an emerging market.

2. Change Management to overcome Global Competition.

3. Blue Ocean Strategy, sustaining Blue Ocean with
Continuous Innovation.

4. Turn around Management-Many Firms will fall sick,
and keen observations on these firms.

5. Scenario Planning in the Global Context.

6. Globalization Strategy for firms.

7. Strategic Modeling.

8. Knowledge Management & Education.

9. Technology Strategy for advance marketing.

10. Management Gurus.

11. Balance Score Card: Implementation Of Strategy.

12. Case Studies.

13. Change Management along with employees.

14. Entrepreneurship at the Bottom Of The Pyramid.

15. Business News.

I’ve taken an additional responsibility to run the
Face book page of Theodore Levitt an Exceptional Intellect,
I’ll be contributing to that page on a fortnightly basis.
I’m also starting a Blog on Indian Brands and foreign
brands entering in India and their strategies.

Prior to this I’ve to plan my time. Time management
will be very important, quality post requires
thinking and proper analysis.

Thanks for all the support that I’ve got from
my readers.

Warm Regards.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Balance Score Card -Essentials By Mohan Nair.

I have come across an excellent book by Mohan Nair , he has clarified in his book all the details of Strategy Maps and how to implement the strategy.

I think this book is worth reading
by professionals and management students.

Essentials of Balanced Scorecard.2004.0471569739

Saturday, January 2, 2010

INDIAN MIDDLE CLASS-A demand creators to boost the Indian consuming economy

India growing middle class is really
pulling the domestic demand and will
continue to pull the domestic demand
in future.

I have been studying the consumer demand
of the Indian , and have found that India
is really a GOLD MINE , as an emerging

All MNCs are focusing on India , as the
310 Mn strong middle class Indian will
be the main demand creates for the next
two decades.

I want to include McKinney's report
which will be really insightful.

The basic consuming will in certain sectors
primarily health care, education, banking,
insurance,hospitality, and infrastructure.

The micro factors like human capital developments,
and administration in state and central level is
working well, claiming to be the biggest democracy
in the world.

The Infrastructure front has to work hard, this
infrastructure will be a major factor,and will give
the boost to the ailing economy, maintaining a growth of
8-8.5% GDP of a US$1.2 Trillion Indian economy.

Blue Ocean Strategy-An Excellent Power Point Presentation.

One of my friend Dr.Rod King, who has been in
the Strategy& Consulting Business, has posted this
in his slide share regarding the Blue Ocean
Strategy. the Strategic Business Models are
very interesting, and have got inherent

He has opened a Group in WISDOMSOURCING in the Linkedin,
which is equally interesting.

BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY vs. BLUE OCEAN-BUSINESS MODELS: Instantly Learn and Apply Best Practice Tools for Exponential Business Growth
View more documents from Rod King.