Saturday, January 9, 2010

Management Trends from 2010 onwards.

Fortunately or unfortunately the world within a very short period
of time is becoming very much clubbed together a metamorphosis
into a global village, our economies are interwoven and interconnected.
There are many new lesson that we learned in last decade that Editor
of HBR has discussed in the HBR blog.

HBRblog has published the top 12 trends shaping management
as we knew it that has happened in the turbulent decade.

The world has to take lessons , technological breakthroughs, business
process breakthroughs, business idea breakthroughs. Management
process breakthroughs.

1. Cloud Computing-remotely managing systems across the world.

2. Stakeholders Value, and value creation will be of utmost importance.

3. Watch out carefully the Social Media Network, and can it really catapult sales figures.

4. Sourcing: Out sourcing, Open sourcing, Crowed Sourcing, Wisdom Sourcing.

5. Privatize: Productivity increases.

6. Corporate Sustainability: Green & Clean Tech. Copenhagen may
be a failure, but people across the world are coming to know the
harmful effect of Co and Co2 emissions.

7. Reverse Innovation: Innovation and evangelism has to work together.
Innovation is the Buzz word.

8. Behavariols Economics: Turn a new chapter in the books of economics,
or even a new era of economics.

9. Compete on Analytics: High end analysis, analytics can make out and
help in decision making.

10. Creative Organization: Innovation in the process of business, flexi
timing, entrepreneur within enterprise.

11. High Potential: Creativity, Idea generation, Stretched targets.

12. Enterprise Risk Management: Business is risk; managing and smartly
dabbling with risk will be the greatest challenge.

In my opinion it’s true the world is getting flattened
technologies are getting adopted , the two most happening
thing that has happened the HBR Editors has overlooked is
the CKP’s keen observation that the BOP is getting
neglected the 4 Bn people living below US$2 per day
and another man Md Younnis , the man who got
recognized by successfully implementing the stupendous
task of Micro Credit in order to eradicate poverty
from the face of the world..

Tomorrow the driver of growth will be from the countries in the
ASIA, Latin America and Africa.

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