Monday, January 18, 2010

Prof.Philip Kotler on Blue Ocean Startegy.

I came across an interview of Philip Kotler - The Marketing
Guru of this modern time. He recommends his audience to
read Blue Ocean Strategy and he highlighted some tools like
"Strategy canvas". He said that the confluence of strategic
ideas by Hamel , Michael Porter and latest by Kim Chen on
Blue Ocean is very clearly understood. Blue Ocean has
conceptualized the concept of marketing strategy in an
uncontested space.

It’s often seen that the Business Strategy and
Marketing Strategy are getting intersected, and
over a period of time the intersection area
will increase

As Gary Hamel in his last book (which I read)
The Future Of Management, it’s the matter
of Innovation of Management Strategy, lot of
innovation work has been done in technical products and
processes, but Innovation of Management Strategy is
very seldom done and I think out of the box thinkers
are very few in the world.

Prof. Kotler even at 80 years plus is very sharp and all
keep a tap on all the new developments going on around
the management world.

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