Monday, May 19, 2008

Change Management Delimma, Marketing Myopia Verses Technological Myopia.

Management concept guru late Prof Theodore Levitt
talked about the Marketing Myopia in the early sixties.
In the mid sixties he came with the theory of Product Life cycle. PLC is considered to be one of the most talked about
Marketing concepts of product management. It is the starting of life cycle management of any products, proper value addition of product and the product portfolio management.

With technology taking a very aggressive role in PLC the life cycle has become smaller and it span is for 6-9 months in most of the technology business.

Technology life cycle (TLC) in product management is equally important to survive in a highly competitive market place.
PLC is totally dependent on TLC.
Be it in the microprocessor, auto, aviation, pharmacy, energy, software etc business it the TLC which drives the PLC or extends the PLC.
Management should properly usher in Technology life cycle management in a proper way to leverage the technological assets through all six stages of their life cycle—planning, acquisition, deployment, management, support, and disposition.
Management should implement with proper way keeping in mind the above six stages of TLC.
Success of a product depends upon not only the technological excellence but also the marketing excellence.
It a balancing act the management has to make between the technology, marketing and user experience and expectations.
Be it Airbus A380, Apple Computers iPod or Linux Red hat OS it is mix of PCL and TLC.
A change management dilemma Marketing Myopia verses Technological Myopia.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Change Management and Drucker

Management concept guru Late Peter Drucker, once said, "Every three years, an organization should challenge every product, every service, every policy, every distribution channel with the question: If we were not in it already, would we be going into it now?"
It is the self introspection that the management should discuss in their board room about the management concept strategies regarding the enhancement of product portfolios, geographical territories, HR planning, improvisation of latest Information technologies systems and customer satisfactions, and delighting the customers.
Change management is a continuous process and the evolution takes place in the business along with the change in society.
Reaching out to the customers at the same price and through drop shipments with a powerful supply chain system along with high dynamic logistic operations.
With globalization in place and e commerce ruling the world market, competition has increased by leaps and bound.
Management finds very vulnerable with the introduction of modern cutting edge technologies, which has become an integral part of every business success.
Sitting tight with the existing technology, customers, market size can prove dangerous and can be suicidal for any corporations.
Management think tanks continuously work on change management projects that can enhance products and services in order to accelerate market penetration along with the business effectiveness and efficiency.
Change management experts probe different questions and simulates different market unforeseen situations in order to avoid business failures.
Management success depends upon to what extent successfully the management can implement change and at what speed it can change.
There is one thing, which is certainly certain that, is uncertainty, change can only defeat uncertainty.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Human Capital In 2012 A Report By Mercer Consultants.

Management consultant has recently published a report on the Human Capital shortage in the year 2012.

They have made an analysis four years before what will be the situation like in 2012.

The workforce participation is going to decrease by 0.7% in 2012.

Higher proportion of workers will be of 55 years plus.

More female worker will take part in job.

U.S. Economy will work with more temp jobs.

The management has to look after the retention of talents and work force, better medical facilities has to be given for the Gen Y ,baby boomers.

Demographic shifts and gender imbalance will be a major problem in the developed countries.

Employers should work on the work life balance of the employees.

Employees will ask for more rewards and can look for better opportunities.

Human Capital will be a scare resources ,identify the critical talents and key value drivers with in the business. news
given the exhaustive report on this.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Miniaturization Is The Buzz Word.

Miniaturization started in Japan, in the late sixties. It was Sony, Panasonic that started with miniaturization. The Japanese products took the market by storm.
Toady we find portability and mobility is the way of life.

It was Toshiba the first to introduce the Laptop computers, Psion PLC,U.K. was the first to come out with Palmtop computers it was well accepted as Psion Organizer.

Martin Cooper, a Motorola researcher and executive, invented mobile phone. Martin made the first call on a handheld mobile phone on April 3,1973.

Later the value additions were made with camera and many advance features.
Of course the iPod of Apple Computers have revolutionized the miniaturization with its precession technology.

GE came up with miniaturization of MAC 400 electrocardiograph machine; the GE engineers have squeezed the same technology macro electrocardiograph machine into a portable device weighing less than 3 Lbs and can be held with one hand.

In the remote places of rural India, in the sub Saharan Africa mobile hospital vans can come up and the cost of health care can come down with economies of scales.

Affordable medical services can be of great help to developing countries round the world.

Miniaturization is the buzz word in the true sense through technological revolution.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Innovation Can Only Bypass Competition.

As the globalization is in full swing all business has to withstand competitions in order to retain market position by retain and gaining its market share.
Fierce competition can eat away market share even all the sales can dry up. To sustain the market share the firms should bank on contemporary technologies or try to develop new technologies.

R & D pays a significant role in technology development and in turn product and service development enhancing the PLC of the product.
North American, European, Japanese MNCs were the first to come out innovative products with cutting edge technologies.

AT&T, GE,3M,Intel, Microsoft, Apple Computers,Google,Wall Mart and many more are great examples of North American Corporations which has dominated the world market with their world class products and services.

Japanese corporations like SONY, Toyota, Honda still dominates the world market with electronics, auto, ship building with cutting edge technology spending a significant amount in R&D.

Recently the European and the Japanese joint venture Sony Ericsson innovated a mobile phones with camera features eying the global market.

The Chinese too are spending a good amount of money for R&D and for innovation. Computer hardware outsourcing and electronic toy market are examples of Chinese dominance in the world market. With Chinese SEZ in right place and low production cost and economies of scales, China has become right destination for global manufacturing hub.

What about India, Indian companies now compete against the best of world class rivals , of course, that is the reason why they are taking innovation and spending on R&D much more seriously. Many of the Indian Brands making waves in Global market are parking a sizeable amount of money in R & D.

Tata Motors, Dr Reddy, HAL, Reliance, Sun Pharma, Cipla , Infosys,M&M are some of the Indian brands making wave in the global market.

Does R&D and innovation drive profitable growth and increases profitability?

This is a very debatable question, managing Innovation requires lot of investments, many a times R&D money can go down the drain. Marketing can be an expensive proposition too. Eight out of ten products fail to click. At times it proves to be an expensive gamble.