Monday, May 19, 2008

Change Management Delimma, Marketing Myopia Verses Technological Myopia.

Management concept guru late Prof Theodore Levitt
talked about the Marketing Myopia in the early sixties.
In the mid sixties he came with the theory of Product Life cycle. PLC is considered to be one of the most talked about
Marketing concepts of product management. It is the starting of life cycle management of any products, proper value addition of product and the product portfolio management.

With technology taking a very aggressive role in PLC the life cycle has become smaller and it span is for 6-9 months in most of the technology business.

Technology life cycle (TLC) in product management is equally important to survive in a highly competitive market place.
PLC is totally dependent on TLC.
Be it in the microprocessor, auto, aviation, pharmacy, energy, software etc business it the TLC which drives the PLC or extends the PLC.
Management should properly usher in Technology life cycle management in a proper way to leverage the technological assets through all six stages of their life cycle—planning, acquisition, deployment, management, support, and disposition.
Management should implement with proper way keeping in mind the above six stages of TLC.
Success of a product depends upon not only the technological excellence but also the marketing excellence.
It a balancing act the management has to make between the technology, marketing and user experience and expectations.
Be it Airbus A380, Apple Computers iPod or Linux Red hat OS it is mix of PCL and TLC.
A change management dilemma Marketing Myopia verses Technological Myopia.

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