Friday, May 16, 2008

Change Management and Drucker

Management concept guru Late Peter Drucker, once said, "Every three years, an organization should challenge every product, every service, every policy, every distribution channel with the question: If we were not in it already, would we be going into it now?"
It is the self introspection that the management should discuss in their board room about the management concept strategies regarding the enhancement of product portfolios, geographical territories, HR planning, improvisation of latest Information technologies systems and customer satisfactions, and delighting the customers.
Change management is a continuous process and the evolution takes place in the business along with the change in society.
Reaching out to the customers at the same price and through drop shipments with a powerful supply chain system along with high dynamic logistic operations.
With globalization in place and e commerce ruling the world market, competition has increased by leaps and bound.
Management finds very vulnerable with the introduction of modern cutting edge technologies, which has become an integral part of every business success.
Sitting tight with the existing technology, customers, market size can prove dangerous and can be suicidal for any corporations.
Management think tanks continuously work on change management projects that can enhance products and services in order to accelerate market penetration along with the business effectiveness and efficiency.
Change management experts probe different questions and simulates different market unforeseen situations in order to avoid business failures.
Management success depends upon to what extent successfully the management can implement change and at what speed it can change.
There is one thing, which is certainly certain that, is uncertainty, change can only defeat uncertainty.

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