Monday, May 5, 2008

Human Capital In 2012 A Report By Mercer Consultants.

Management consultant has recently published a report on the Human Capital shortage in the year 2012.

They have made an analysis four years before what will be the situation like in 2012.

The workforce participation is going to decrease by 0.7% in 2012.

Higher proportion of workers will be of 55 years plus.

More female worker will take part in job.

U.S. Economy will work with more temp jobs.

The management has to look after the retention of talents and work force, better medical facilities has to be given for the Gen Y ,baby boomers.

Demographic shifts and gender imbalance will be a major problem in the developed countries.

Employers should work on the work life balance of the employees.

Employees will ask for more rewards and can look for better opportunities.

Human Capital will be a scare resources ,identify the critical talents and key value drivers with in the business. news
given the exhaustive report on this.

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Talent Management said...

In the current landscape, do you see any of the talent management vendors (Vurv, Taleo etc) taking these factors into account? Can you further explain the gender imbalance in developed countries and how that will have an impact?
Thank you.