Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Am Coming Back Soon

I was not posting for last four months , I will be coming back soon with lot of posting on Change and Contemporary management thoughts taking place in the current business world.
The topics that I want to write will be on 
1) Blue Ocean Strategy.
2)HR Score Card.
3)Inorganic Growth Culture through Merger and Acquisitions.
4)India in 2025.
5) How to keep the core competence Intact.
 There has been lot of turmoil in the global economy in the last two to three months , high inflation , fall of Lehman Brothers, AIG, slowing down of the global economy coupled with political instability and terrorism. Bailing out the U.S. economy with a package of US$700Bn which will give a breather to the U.S. economy along with the global economy where change management will play the most important role.
Specially the BRIC economy is not insulated to the U.S. economic melt down,still there is a silver lining behind the dark clouds. 
I will discuss all these in my posting shortly. 

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