Friday, January 8, 2010

My Blogging Plan for 2010

This year( 2010) I have made some concrete plan
with my Blog writing.

I have taken a resolution that all the posting
will be in line with Strategy and certain area
of Strategic management which is very
much contemporary in this changing world.

My focus will be in the following topics:

1. Strategy for entering into an emerging market.

2. Change Management to overcome Global Competition.

3. Blue Ocean Strategy, sustaining Blue Ocean with
Continuous Innovation.

4. Turn around Management-Many Firms will fall sick,
and keen observations on these firms.

5. Scenario Planning in the Global Context.

6. Globalization Strategy for firms.

7. Strategic Modeling.

8. Knowledge Management & Education.

9. Technology Strategy for advance marketing.

10. Management Gurus.

11. Balance Score Card: Implementation Of Strategy.

12. Case Studies.

13. Change Management along with employees.

14. Entrepreneurship at the Bottom Of The Pyramid.

15. Business News.

I’ve taken an additional responsibility to run the
Face book page of Theodore Levitt an Exceptional Intellect,
I’ll be contributing to that page on a fortnightly basis.
I’m also starting a Blog on Indian Brands and foreign
brands entering in India and their strategies.

Prior to this I’ve to plan my time. Time management
will be very important, quality post requires
thinking and proper analysis.

Thanks for all the support that I’ve got from
my readers.

Warm Regards.


Sara said...

All the topics seem great!!
How about blogging on Franchising and its current trends in the Indian Sector.
Best wishes!


Nice topics!!I will be looking forward to all your blog posts.



Chris said...

Hi Deb, that's a very demanding list of objectives you've set yourself and a LOT of areas to cover. I wish you all success. personally, I'm very interested in Strategic Marketing and am a big fan of Blue Ocean Strategy.
Best regards,

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