Saturday, January 2, 2010

INDIAN MIDDLE CLASS-A demand creators to boost the Indian consuming economy

India growing middle class is really
pulling the domestic demand and will
continue to pull the domestic demand
in future.

I have been studying the consumer demand
of the Indian , and have found that India
is really a GOLD MINE , as an emerging

All MNCs are focusing on India , as the
310 Mn strong middle class Indian will
be the main demand creates for the next
two decades.

I want to include McKinney's report
which will be really insightful.

The basic consuming will in certain sectors
primarily health care, education, banking,
insurance,hospitality, and infrastructure.

The micro factors like human capital developments,
and administration in state and central level is
working well, claiming to be the biggest democracy
in the world.

The Infrastructure front has to work hard, this
infrastructure will be a major factor,and will give
the boost to the ailing economy, maintaining a growth of
8-8.5% GDP of a US$1.2 Trillion Indian economy.

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