Friday, February 13, 2009

Jack Welch & Lee Iacocca :Their Unique Strategic Leadership Styles Which Are Evergreen .

Recently I was reading lot of book about the Leadership , specially about the corporate Leadership. How it works. Can it really fit in to any corporate or in any organisation even non profit organisations. I found very interestingly two Great Corporate Leaders Management Mantra's on Leadership Styles are excellent and evergreen.

The economic roller coaster’s ride which has made life of managers challenging and difficult, can make use of the unique combination of these two leadership styles of Jack Welch and Lee Iacocca.

According to legendary Jack Welch for achieving success in any walk of life, a person should have good leadership qualities. He found some people setting the right goals, reaching them the right way and doing both in the right amount of time, which is what leadership, is when you get right down to it. According to Welch, four essential traits of leadership start with an  E's Of Leadership. I wrote a review about this book in my blog.

One, successful leaders have tons of positive Energy; they love action and relish' challenge.

Two, they have the ability to Energize others- inspire them to move mountains when they have to.

Then, they have the Edge - the courage to take tough decisions.

And last but the least finally they can Execute. Effective Execution is considered to be the most important element but this can not be possible without the first 3Es.

I found a very interesting blog Leadership Blog where the whole E's has been properly described.

Another legendary business leader Lee Iacocca, former CEO, Chrysler, a leader needs 9Cs without which he can not be an effective leader.

The first 'C is 'Curiosity'. He must listen to people outside the 'yes sir' crowd and have the courage to listen to dissenting voices.

The second 'C is 'creative' instinct or willingness to try some thing new. This can also be called 'out of box' thinking.

The third 'C is ability to 'Communicate' effectively.

The fourth 'C is 'Character' which is understanding the difference between right and wrong and getting to do the right thing. This can also be called listening to one's conscience.

The fifth 'C is 'Courage' which means sitting down at the negotiable table and talk. Sometime courage may prove to be expensive but it is essential since any act done out of fear can never lead to success.

The sixth 'C is 'conviction'. Without conviction in oneself and whatever he is going to do, success would remain elusive.

The seventh 'C is 'Charisma'. Without developing charismatic quality, one cannot inspire others to achieve the desired goals.

The eighth 'C is 'Competence'. Without competence you would never know whether the way you want to achieve your goal, is right or wrong.

The ninth 'C is 'common sense' or in other words, instinct. The only way one can get things going his way as a human being is his ability to reason and application of common sense.

A very Useful Link about  Lee Iacocca

Enjoy Reading and Managing the Turbulent Times.

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