Friday, February 13, 2009

Treasure Hunt By Silverstein and Butman-A Book Review.

Recently I was reading an interesting book "Treasure Hunt" Inside The Mind of The New Customer by Michael J.Silverstein Sr Vice president of BCG and John Butman.
It's about the emerging markets and the middle of the Global Economic Pyramid.

The customers mental alignment and they wish to spend the money and spending millions of dollars to buy products and services.

One very inserting thing the emerging markets has really becoming very big for all the MNC's.

As these market matures the focus of all the MNC's will be towards these markets.

It's very true the emerging markets are the future and specially due to the huge demographic advantage.

McDonald's,Kmart,Wal Mart all are not only refocusing their existing markets and tailoring their products but also looking to the emerging markets.It has to be a very quick decisions to change and grab the opportunities that are in front of them.

One very interesting point in this book that they have said about LG the South Korean conglomerate which has really reshaped itself it was founded in 1947 and how it transformed to a global electronic giant producing quality product going into the global households.

The middle class market is still there and organisation should take the full opportunity to exploit this market.Innovate your product and services and tap this market which is a global and have still got huge untapped potential.

I think this is worth reading and get an idea about the picture of the potential of the new middle class customers of the existing and emerging market of the globe.
Get a copy of this if possible to over come the marketing Myopia.

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