Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Intellectual Ability And The Speed of Performance and It's Importance In Today's Management.

It's about the managers and processionals ability to perform in a brilliant manner in their respective fields.
Specially it has been seen he Intellectual ability is required which can be developed over a period of time .

It's the mental ability the agility of the mind which works along with Central nervous system and the brain.

In a very interesting article "Intellectual Ability And Speed Of Performance" by C.F. Goodey

Learning things fast and doing things fast (Implementation of learning and knowledge) which develops in the mind of a person.In modern management science it is matter of speed and consistency which matters .Human intellect plays an important role for all the efficiency and peak performance in managerial role that a professional has to play in his day to day life to achieve his task and goals in the business .

In modern times the sense of urgency and the intellect levels are prime important in performing a job with efficiency are of utmost importance.

Old Greek philosophers like Pluto, Aristrotle,Socrates stressed about the mind taming and the mind  game which a person has to play in order to have and generate his intellectual abilities.

All human has the cognitive intellects at various level where his mind develops 
different faculties ( abilities) in order to perform his jobs ant different levels.

A very interesting reading.
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