Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Social Media And The Revolution Taking Place Today, What Will Be its Future.

Do you really think the Social media marketing will take off?
Now the MLM are happening in social media in U.S. that is the
latest trend. Yes, profession like journalism may vanish as 3G
will come and anybody using the 3G technology can pickup the
pictures/videos in mobile and twitted.

Journalism is also news marketing, the strategy and the instant
news is the most important matter in Hollywood it’s the film
critics who are using the twitter are sending message to their

I think it’s a form of promotional tool , we talked about
lean manufacturing , the Japanese pioneered, remember the
Toyota Manufacturing models, now it is the time for the
lean marketing.

In the present global scenario with budget cuts the order
of the day, the lean marketing strategy will be used very
effectively , it’s also know that the effectiveness of the
direct marketing will also increase with the internet

But again if we look only in the tertiary economic level
things will change dramatically, particularly in the service
sector. But in the secondary economic sectors things will be
enhances, you require the intelligent and knowledge manpower
who will be user of this internet revolution.

Yes too some extent our life will be changing, but be careful
a disease is coming called the INTERNET ADDICTION DISORER.(IAD)

Thanks to the Americans.

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