Saturday, August 29, 2009

Business Futarist Peter Schwartz Says There Are Lot Of Other Major Econimic Problem Hidden Which Remains Unnoticed.

We’ve been so focused on the financial crisis that we’ve neglected
to pay attention to other issues, which, if left on the backburner,
could upset the status quo. That’s the view of futurist and business
strategist Peter Schwartz.

For one, Schwartz believes we could face “a high likelihood” of a
food price crisis “sometime in the next few years” – not because
he says, of a food shortage, but because of the nature of the
evolution of the commodity markets.
Courtsey : Insead Business School.
Yes today we find that the food product is going to the commodity
market and getting hedged.
In reply to this post I wrote a commnets which is as follows.

Excellent post, but it is going to be very unfortunate if you take
the food grains in the commodity market and speculate with it.

The poorest in the world are especially going to become poorer.

The basic need for food, shelter, clothing and primary healthcare
will be of the utmost need.

It is a global need; if these are not met, political and social unrest
will start and may lead to the unequal distribution of income and wealth.

We are already standing at the crossroads of capitalism. Just ten years
before, you were not sure what the future of India and China, Brazil,
Argentina would be.

But today, the emerging economies can't be ignored; CHINDIA will be
very important in the next 50 years. Latin America, Brazil and
Argentina cannot be ignored; they will be tomorrow’s market.

The EU role will change dramatically, the Anglo-American economic
supremacy will diminish.

Fossil fuels will be replaced by solar and wind power.

The Middle East problem will not be there anymore, waiting for a
multi polar world.

The rise of alternate fuel will diminish the power of the Arab world,
whereas the rise of Iran, Turkey and Indonesia will be noticed

Warm Regards,
Debashish Brahma.

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