Thursday, March 5, 2009

Management Process"It's Not Only The Machine, But Also The Man Behind The Machine Matters Too".Unique Combination Of Ferarri & Schumacher.

Management of people and process.People matters and the process go hand in hand in management. Put together it’s the people process. The output of the results depends on the unique combination of the efficiency of both the people and the process in a business firm.

As late Prof Micheal Hammer who pioneered the concept of Business Process Re engineering (BPR) in management took the concept of process from Adam Smith’s division of labor. It’s not only in business management but also in other field of sports management, where these unique combinations are required. It’s the right balance,for delivering the good and services with profits.
Take the example of Formula One

Ferrari team used to win the Formula One because it has a winning combination of the driver and the car design. Both are processes. It’s not only the machine that matters but also the man behind the machine that equally matters to come as an absolute winner… Identifying and choosing of Michael Schumacher was also aprocess.Schumacher's driving needs were deeply understoodby the technical and design team of Ferarri.

Schumacher had the talent in him ,but it was the money thatwas put behind him by Ferrari (along with endorsements)and the energy and enormous determination of Schumacher which made him a real winner in the racing circuits with the Ferrari team. 

By the by Schumacher was considered to the best driver who can drive even when it rains. Making and training of Schumacher into a ace Formula One driver was an expensive process, this can be consider as a human resource process, and design a car with it’s special features is also an unique engineering process where you require the human recourse too. 

Ferrari’s innovative automobile engineering design, with high effect aero dynamics, suspension, gears box, electronics, design of redial tiers, axel's, dashboards, turbo charged multiple injection engines equally plays an important role to come out as a winner. The tireless R & D and the project management team, tailoring the racing car according to

Sponsorship from Philip Morris Ltd (Marlboro), Vodafone, Canon, requires a tremendous effort and the sponsors are very particular about the outcome and the results. They bet on teams which can win or has the maximum chance of wining. Getting the best sponsorship and brand endorsement is a high end marketing process. 

Continuous developments in R&D which enhance the engine capacity speed, fuel efficiency, aero dynamic designs, etc was also a process, where you require highly trained, experienced and knowledge oriented engineers, who can execute the well designed cars for the formula one circuits. This too is a very well defined people process. Process in a business context is “a method or system for achieving a commercial result.” 

The goals are to be properly set and are absolutely well defined to achieve the real success. An overall transparency and candidness, fairness, direction oriented leadership of Ferrari made all the difference. 

The great sporting event Formula One which gives prize in two categories, the driver and the creators.All major auto makers show their hall mark of automobil engnering skills in the Formula One extrvaganza sporting event. 

Both have human elements in them and mastermind processes optimally utilizing all the resources enables an organization like Ferrari to win the prizes in both the categories.

Management Process is heavily synchronized between the “Man And The Machine”,for a profitable outcome.

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