Saturday, March 7, 2009

Management & Six Sigma:What Is Six Sigma? A Statistical Tool And How Can it Benfit Organisations.

Six Sigma , a process which will make you a better leader
and a better worker.

Change the whole thinking approach about the world.

Six Sigma when applied in an organization makes it more Efficient
and Effective.

Six Sigma is basically a statistical tool which was pioneered
by Bill Smith in the Motorola. It was basically meant for
QUALITY Control in the production process Of Motorola.

It’s basically a Management philosophy, a matrix, a strategy,
a method to transform a culture on an organization.
It’s basically the value addition to the customers and the
change n the quality of the services and products that your
customer gets and also to do it right at the very first time.

Who is a customer?

A customer is a person who receives all your services and
products, it can be an external as well as internal.
Inter departmental with in the organization, let me explain,
Sales is a customer to Production Department, Production
Department can be a customer to the Materials department etc.
So customers with in the originations.

Basically it improves your effectiveness and efficiency.
It increases the effectiveness and drives down inefficiency.

If there are One million(1,000,000) events the permissible level
of defects will not be more that 3.4 per million events.

Organizations like GE, Wipro Ltd, Motorola, and HSBC may more use
this particular process improvement statistical tool.

As I said it’s a business process by which a perfection ca be easily

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