Thursday, March 12, 2009

Outsoursing And Obama:U.S.Economy May Not Go For OUTSOURCING,India And China Have To Look Inwardly And Innovate A New Economic Order.

Great Leader are made U.S. President Mr.Obama VISION to build
a strong turn it will it will make a strong World economy.
According to the CIA fact sheet 27% of the world GDP is contributed
by U.S. If the U.S. Economy can turn back the whole economy will
be back on track.

His emphasis on science ,technology and health care will make the
U.S economy back on track.His plan to provide the jobs to the
American ,he may have to cut back on OUTSOURCING,where as
countries like China and India may suffer,but on the contrary
countrieslike India and China, will focus on domestic demand
an rethinkto build their own economy.

One way it will be a blessing in disguise for countries like
India and China , inetially thre will be some hick ups
they have to focus internally not depending on the export

This will make both India's and China's
economy stronger.In the long run these economy will become
stronger with using all their sthrenght nad make products and
services competitive in the global market.

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