Friday, November 19, 2010

Business Work Shop's experience.

Today I have been invited by one of the Fortune 500
listed Indian firm to conduct workshop in
"Agile Knowledge Management Strategy."

I will be making 60 PPT slides, this is going to be a very
challenging assignment as many Indian Fortune 500
Firms are looking out for Agile Management Strategy.

I have conducted at least 30-45 workshops as external
consultant for Mafoi-Randstad India.

I was conducting one workshop with A.V. Birla Group
on a Sunday with all their VP, Sr G.M. and CEO
attending the workshop on Benchmarking and Strategy Mapping.

There I told to all the Sr Executives to borrow all the best ideas
from around the world and across the industry.
Then I told about the "Stretched Targets", the CEO and
Executive Directors were sitting along with 25 Sr Managers.

They all kept mum. The CEO asked me a question that why
people shy away from Stretched Targets?
They are in the comfort zone, we cannot take them away
from the comfort zone, and fear of failure and then the
blame game starts.

The CEO of that A.V. Birla Group shared his experience.
He met with legendary Mr.L.N. Mittal in Mumbai, Mittal
came to Mumbai in the Late Aditya Vikram Birla
Lecture series.

Mr.Mittal told in that conference, that he to took a target to a
acquire Arselors within sixty days time.
This was benchmarked time frame that he took with
a "stretched target",mentally to acquire the
giant steel firm Arselors .

He negotiated with all global financial consortiums scouting
for money and mobilized the money.
On the 59th day he acquired Arselors. That's the mental
determination he had with him, and fulfilled it.

A very strange story, yes you learn a lot while conducting
seminars and workshops, I have seen it’s two way learning
across various industries..


cv said...

Wonderful work! I hope you could have shared Stretched Targets in much more details..anyways expecting this in next post!

Retail CV

Deb said...

@Cv: Sulrely I'll share the stretched targets concept.

Deb said...

@Cv: Sulrely I'll share the stretched targets concept.