Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Business Lobbying As A Powerful Business Strategy To Win Multi Million/Billion Dollars Deals.

Business Lobbying (also Lobby) is a form of influencing with the intention of the decisions making made by the officials in the government. In certain cases the oppositions also can be influenced by lobbying.

Business Lobbying is a very useful management strategy in most of the major multi million/billion dollars deals, happening round the world.

1. Business Lobbying has been very powerful and played dominant role in DEFENCE DEALS.

2. Still today Business Lobbying is a very powerful strategy is selling armaments and ammunitions round the world.

3. The most profitable sales for all high tech defense sales. The Vise President- Defense Sales though he may generate 20% sales volume, but generates 80% profit for the firm.

4. Now in recent times both in national and international sales Business Lobbying is an important and smart strategic approach.

5. Business Lobbying today is also becoming equally important strategy in civilian market too.

6. Business Lobbying is going to stay as the fierce competition will continue coupled with globalization.

7. Technological advancement and global market acquisition will be the major objectives of any firm where professional lobbyist in emerging markets will play a pivotal role.

8. Business Lobbying and Power Brokers specially are hyper active in emerging markets.

9. Counter Lobbying is also done and it’s to be handled artfully. Washing dirty linen is a very common factor what we have seen in business lobbying.

10. Media too plays an important role as a lobbying, even media’s role is equally important, so smart lobbyist keeps the media on the right side.

Business and politics goes hand in hand. Business can only prosper if the political patronage is with them. This is a strategy adopted by many MNC s get in to new markets.

In other words, in the case of defense deals or any major capital equipment sales, influencing the purchaser or decision makers from the top makes the job easier.

Sometimes One Government influences other governments, where the government officials also plays an important role in influencing the other government to change even the laws and make it favorable to make it easy to clinch the deals.

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