Sunday, November 7, 2010

Freemium Part-III=Free + Premium

Freemium in the management concept over the coming years will
pay a predominant role in Marketing, Branding and
Brand building too.

Many B2B, B2C new entrants will smartly use this as a powerful weapon to market their services and products in this highly competitive market space.

Internet based services use this tool as a very powerful change medium by
which it can penetrate the market at a faster space and rate globally.

As all new ventures are looking for global markets, customer base is a major factor.

Firms look out for a major global user base which is possible only through crowed sourcing. A fraction of the crowed buys the services at a premium, the firms make a whole lot of money.

The intellectual property cost should be low. Every additional product it sells the marginal revenue and the marginal profit should be very high for a
sustainable freemium model.

Going by the four P’s of marketing the first P( Product) has to be very robust and user-friendly and with exceptional novelties. is an exceptional case of Freemium concept.

As a product the is an exceptional social media
site for professionals, and it can do the crowed sourcing at a
phenomenal speed, and then converts a part of it’s cowed to it’s
customers who gets the premium services which are exchanged
for money.

In the future of the Freemium will be widely used and its acceptability
will increase by leaps and bounds .

I have found the an excellent PPT on
the Freemium concepts to make and grow customers by Chris Hopf.

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