Friday, November 5, 2010

Can Entrepreneurship Change the world? Can This Be Taught ?

We have found a recent phenomenon that the world is
moving towards entrepreneurship..

This is basically a change concept that happening
round the world.

Big time and life long employments are gone, you
can be sacked any day, it may not be your fault,
and the firm is not performing well, so you loose
your job.

With cut throat competition and intense globalization
has really made life difficult, this is a world of
continuous change.

Some school of thoughts is thinking that the
entrepreneurship coupled with innovation can give
leverage to your life long security of earning money.

There are lots of forums, workshops, bodies, working
on entrepreneurship the only solution to the global
employment problem.

Right from the graduate school days even in post
graduates people are only talking about
Entrepreneurship is tomorrow’s solution to the
contemporary socio economic management changes.

Start Ups, Lean Start Ups, Boot Strap Start Ups
are today’s buzz words.

You require an entrepreneurial mind set to make
this happen, the commitment, consistency, courage,
continuity, caliber, capability to be an entrepreneur.

The global GDP can also rise with more number of guys
getting in to the entrepreneurship mode.

Universities like INDEAD are successfully following
these programme.

Yes these are successful for very smart and energetic people.

You require Passion to succeed as an entrepreneur.


Electronic digital signature said...

This is actually a tough question. In my opinion, most entrepreneurs who have a vision do something unusual. They are the opinion makers and leaders who create change every day.

Debashish Bramha said...

Yes, I do agree, but it's catch 22 situation in todays context.
Innovation is the key for any successful entrepreneurship.
Thanks for your comments,