Sunday, December 16, 2007

Indian education Sector will be open to FDI

There is an acute shortage of good faculty in Technical and Management education in India, but as we progress we are having huge shortage of quality manpower in India. As India is an emerging market and growing at 8.5% plus GDP per last three years India is facing a tremendous shortage of skilled/talented manpower.
Quality educational system is becoming a necessary for India. Indian government has privatized and opened the educational sector to churn out both quality and quality, in recent times they are opening up the educational sector to FDI.
Ruth David of Forbes predicts that "The Indian government will allow foreign universities to enter India, setting in motion a revolution in education and helping the country meet the growing demand for an educated workforce."
Indian GDP has crossed US$1 Trillion and will be doubling by another 5 years time if the growth rate is unabated.

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