Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is Elton Mayo’s “Sense Of Belonging” To The Cerebral Worker Is Not Working Any More?

Yesterday I was posting a comment in Harvard Management Online
Marshall Goldsmith: Ask the Coach. blog and made some analysys which are as follows.
It is very often found that the complexities increases with intelligent work force in your firm.
They are the assets to the business if used properly , but if they can’t be monitored properly they can be a liability and can pose serious threat and concern for the business.

Take for example running of a state of the art hospital, complex software development , top class management consultancies, top class management schools, you require best people with brilliant and thinking mind.

A best hospital must employ the best doctors, nurses to give the best treatment to cure patients but it has been seen many of the doctors who may be the head of departments with higher qualifications and specialized knowledge have got tremendous inflated egos.
In software development firms I myself have experienced and still experiencing people (engineers/coders/project managers) with very high egos. Even junior programmer with high egos can make life difficult for project managers at time.
What I have personally identified that these cerebral workers at times can not take criticism even constructive criticism also.

Consultants of top management consultancy firms, faculties of top class educational institutions suffers from the same mindsets.

Knowledge is power. A Cerebral worker is very smart and fast understand to value add to his knowledge and develop a niche knowledge which can be encash outside at premium.

The other side of the coin: A true professional is a person who is indebted to his knowledge not to the organization where he works.
An ERP professional can work in Mumbai, in London in New York , geography hardly matters, it is his cerebral power that matters the most.
It is applicable in the case of a doctor , a lawyer, a brilliant professor, a brilliant MBA.
What I found Elton Mayo’s “ Sense Of Belonging” is not very much applicable to the cerebral workers any more.

In this knowledge economy and globalization in place for the Cerebral Worker’s “Sense Of Belonging To Knowledge” should be the appropriate words.

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