Friday, April 18, 2008

Jack Welch and 4E's of LEADERSHIP

I recently read a book “ JACK WELCH and the 4E’s of LEADERSHIP
By Jeffrey A. Krames a TATA McGraw-Hill Publication .

It’s all about the 4Es of a leader.

The 4E’s of Leadership are as follows.
The 4E Leader Has Energy
The 4E Leader Energizes
The 4E Leader Has Edge
The 4E Leader Executes

This books deals about the leadership lessons from great leaders with whom Jack worked while building up GE.

Jeff Immelt, James McNerney, Larry Bossidy, Robert Nardelli and Vivek Paul

Jeff Immelt: Jack’s legacy in GE, and about his ability to make GE in to a leader producing machine.

James McNerney: How he has helped other people to grow, in turns helps the company to grow.

Larry Bossidy: Execution master “get more satisfactions from seeing things get done” ,
Talked about turning managers into change agents.

Robert Nardelli: “ Our core purpose is to improve every thing we touch” His HR initiatives called SOAR “Strategic Operating and Resource Planning”

Vivek Paul: Transformation Expert. A great believer to invest on people and get them in right pace.
This book can be use in training, management workshops and performance review.

A must read for all practicing Managers and students doing BBA, MBA.

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