Monday, April 14, 2008

Pygmalion Effect Is Very Much Necessary In Change Management of Existing Work Force.

Change Management is about Human Capital, the willingness to change for betterment, higher productivity, higher profitability, and stability of business in turn.
The resistance to change is an age-old theory, and is persisting and will persist in future whenever the top management will initiate any change.
High expectation leads to high results through superior performance.
Change is good and for betterment make it understandable to the subordinates, so they can mould themselves according to the need of the organization’s requirements.
In today’s fast changing world, Globalization, shortening of Technological Life Cycle, short PLC, Digitization, Remote Access Mechanism it has becoming difficult for employees to adapt to this fast changing work environment. It was ten years ago in U.S. and West European nations this particular problem started and still persisting and now this problem is felt in emerging economies like India, China, and many East European countries.
Job security, stability are in question, employees sharpen their skills sets on a regular basis, contentious training and coaching are required to cope up with this acute perennial problem which every industry is facing.
As the knowledge, skill sets get obsolete the human capital depreciate rapidly in a Knowledge Economy.
A big questions how to appreciate the existing Human Capital for Business Performance Excellence. Training, retraining, coaching, counseling and are required as a part of HR Practice but apart from that a human touch element is required.
Employees who are in the age group of 40+ years require a passionate Pygmalion effect to cope up the serious challenges they face with obsolescence.
It is their superiors who will be expecting higher performance from their retrained re skilled existing human capital.
The “Sweeney’s Miracle” can happen with the existing re-skilled and re trained work force. As the high expectations should be based on the belief of the Management’s own re training and re skilling abilities and constantly motivating them to updated on the new skill sets and upgrade their knowledge base to suite the industries standard.

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Gautam Bhattacharjee said...

Still the X Theory is practiced in most( 95%) of the places. Boss shouts at you for getting maximum out of you, these are all in text book my dear no body practice Y Theory. If you want to work stay in this humiliating condition ,otherwise you find out a job for yourself. Job means pressure and tension and you are paid for your tensions and the abuse that you get from your boss day in and day out.