Thursday, April 10, 2008

Radical Change with HUMAN CAPITAL: Late Prof Sumantra Ghoshal.

Recently a topic of Radical Change in Management was being discussed with one of my friend in office he told me to go through the writings of Late Prof Sumantra Ghoshal.
Prof Ghoshal in his writing said core of change management is only possible if the Top Management of the organization has to be proactive with the change element using the Human Capital.

1.Top Managements core team intellectuals should understand the need for radical change.

2.They must have the courage to do what they see and believe what they need to do.

3. They should be able to analyze the gap and should take action to fill up the gap.

4.It is the Top Management’s duty to create confidence in the mind of the internal customers employees, customers, investor’s community, and the change leader need authenticity.

5. Market capitalization is an important part for the company, it is very tight rope walking for the top management and continuously grows, have every chance of falling down.

6. Make your employee understand about the future uncertainties and the pitfalls in the business in uncertain world, create trust with your tread unions, building up a relationship.

7.Change has to be a continuous process, you cannot afford to rest, it is an endless journey, and it should be purpose driven and a progressive journey.

8.The difference between the good, better and best is the Vision of the Leadership.

9.It’s really the HUMAN CAPITAL that matters and scarcity of Business Ideas, which matters.

10.It is the value creations, which can happen through HUMAN CAPITAL, and continuous self-renewal.
Last but not the least the CEO should able to understand his people; it's about changing continuously, which makes the difference.Upward and omward journey.

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