Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Great Indian Middle Class. A Comprehensive Report By NCAER,India.

It's the great Indian Middle Class who are pushing the Indian Economy. It's her in built domestic demand which is pushing the Indian Economy. 

Only 2% of India's population is investing in the Stock Market.

These middle class are also entering in to the stock market not directly but via Mutual Funds and Unit Linked Insurance.
They are the target audience fr Organised Retails, Small Cars,Housing Loans, Educational Loans and FMCG  firms.

It's the Middle Class buying population which gives a direction to India's Economic growth.It's the Middle Class Indian who are consider to be the backbone of our strong economy.
The Indian economy should give opportunity to its poor section to get in to the Middle class bracket.

Here is an interesting report by National Council Of Applied Economic Research.
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