Thursday, December 18, 2008

Corporate Social Responsiblity:A Predominat Role To Play In Tomorrows Corporate World

Corporate social respsbility is coming up in all the frontiers of modern corpoarte world.It's just the tip of the Iceberg, CSR has really changed the thought process of the business organizations. CSR is also about enpowing the poor with the light of education ,good health has become a mandatory factor in present polarized world ie Human Capital Index. We are at the cross road of Capitalism and socialistic economy, it is ultimately the people who are going to benifit in turn the human race will benifit. Distribution of wealth is not so easy, empowering the poor is not so easy, and it is easier said than done. As we alwayes say it the 80/20 rule which prevails in creation of wealth and sharing of wealthBut obviously there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Bill Gates  and  Melinda Gates Foundation is doing a phenomenal job in eradicating  the poverty and certain disease from he face of this world.

In India NACO is getting a sizable amount of funding from the Gates foundation.This is a foundation with specific mission and very focused approach for solving some major problems with HIV/AIDs, malaria specially o he sub Saharan Africa and the 3rd wold countries,mainly to the poorest region of the world affected by extreme poverty.

The assistance is given to this foundation by thousand of NGO’s who are working 

actively , the uniqueness of this foundation it s the world’s most  diversified fund 

doing philanthropic job.

In the last world economic forum Gates illustrated how global leaders are creating new markets and providing expanded access to existing ones -- tapping into a new kind of "Creative Capitalism" -- to improve lives.

As we are in the cross road of capitalism all the profit making organizations must  return a certain amount of profits back to the society from where it’s making the profit.

It’s the moral responsibility of all the corporate citizen to repay the dividend back from where it’s making money  


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