Thursday, December 25, 2008

Corporate Sustanability And Adaptablity In The Changing Business Envoirnment

In today's very competitive environment and for a widely held public limited company business sustainability has become a buzzword.

As we say cost is an important part of any business but on a broader terms the environmental cost was not taken in to account.In recent years the Environmental cost is being looked upon and are given due diligenceAlign Left.

Top Management looks for opportunities and business areas where it can sustain for along time and can emerge as a winner without harming the society.

Specially for well diversified conglomerate like General Electric, 3M and Indian domestic conglomerate like HUL, ITC ,Wipro ,Reliance sustainability has become a necessity.

Financial Institutions, Retail Investors ,other stake holders watch very carefully into all the well diversified projects that these conglomerate takes.

It's the maturity of of the professional management to look into and to audit all these areas on a continuous basis.

In recent years WalMart has made Corporate Sustainability as a major tool a guiding force in the business.

As Change Management has become an integral part of the business Corporate Sustainability is gaining importance.

Life Cycles of Business Ideas are becoming shorter (ie PLC,TLP,Ideas getting replicated) and globalisation in full swing business are becoming vulnerable no
practice can be made which can harm the consumers or to the environment.

It's now becoming mandatory for organisations to appoint auditors to audit the external business environment, including the emission effect and to make the disclosure.

Management has to adapt it's workforce and business plans accordingly and gain momentum in the existing or diversified business.

Here is an example of ITC Ltd and Coca cola.

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