Saturday, October 31, 2009

GLOBALIZATION 3.0,triggering effect for Change Management.

"The World is Flat" from Tom Friedman the NYTimes journalist
wrote after visiting B'lore in 2004,there has been a paradigm
shift in the attitudes all the firms and global corporates.

With price arbitrage in the global market place and
scouting for cheap labour both in manufacturing
and services, the trans national corporations
took dramatic and very smart management
decisions to to procure vendors both for production
and services, to remain competitive.

Identification of vendors, grooming vendors , keeping
in mind labour cost is known as OUT SOURCING.

Suddenly jobs flying out from Boston to B'lore to
make sure the U.S.MNC's remains financially fit ,
and can make the WALL Street happy.

Ruthless acquisition and mergers happens , many Asian
conglomerate buys EEU and American MNC at cheap price
Vi's a Vi's European and U.S MNC.

There was a mad rush for going Global, some firms
has been very successful, some failed miserably.

The Three Era Of Globalisation .

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