Saturday, October 24, 2009

McKinseys 7-S Framework Is Still Applicable In Todays Very Complex Corporate Envoirnment For A Firms Strategic Success.

Still today in a very complex economic scenario the McKinseys 7S
Framework is very much is use, the model has been re designed
and re defined .
In 1983 Bob Waterman and Tom Peters worked with this systems
and found it very successful, management experts and strategist
all over the world has worked with this Strategic models and
have found is a path breaking event in the
corporate performance management enhancement systems.
Shared Value which is in the centricity of the the models ,
has been redefined by Prof Porter.
This is a case study if HP and its success models keeping
shared value in the centre.

Corporates Social responsibility has also been a part of
Shared Value.

Prof Porter also advocated this in a broader term.

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