Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Nuts & Bolts Of Success Are In FAILURES.

This is a mind blowing video I came across,
lot of things one can learn from this Video.

The general human tendency is not to come out
from the COMFORT ZONE just to avoid failure.

But the real excellence will not come without

To CHANGE you have to take chances.
When you take a chance you fail.
You are afraid of your failure.
You never succeed.
One day you succeed by overcoming your FAILURES.

This is one of the most inspirational video, i've
ever come across.


Akash Sharma said...

Hi Debashish,Really inspiring, I think embracing failure is really important if we even want to think of success,It works in almost everything, we should't call it a hit and trial process but this one would be better as Edison said the other 10000 times it just did not work.
Thanks for sharing the video.....

Debashish Bramha said...

Thanks Akash.
Deb Brahma.