Friday, August 20, 2010

Individual Productivity and Strategic Management

A very important Video, individual productivity and engagement
will change the whole world in next five to ten years time.
Specially the biggest problem will be with EEU and U.S.

To maintain their GDP growth rate growing they have to maintain
high productivity.

Where as in Asia the with large and young demography is growing
at a faster rate with cheap man power and the competency level and
skill sets of the people are increasing by leaps and bound.

With consumerism growing in the developing world, these are going
to be big markets for the U.S. MNC's , as well as cheap supply chain
source for labor even money supply chain from Asia .
Individual productivity will take the front seat in the coming years.
People are talking about gainfully engagement, seminars , webinars,
Blogs are flooded with gain fully engaged people and individual

The corporate strategy must change on an urgent basis , it's both
risky and tricky.Difficult task ahead for all the CEOs.

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