Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dr. Kenichi Ohmea’s New Concept Of “CYBER LEADERSHIP” In Strategic Change Management.

Dr. Ohmae is famous for his “3C Strategic Business Model” and many firms adopted this practice and found it very useful and it’s widely acclaimed.

His thinking and analytical process has been widely accepted by many industries around the world.

Dr. Ohmae for twenty-three years was a senior partner in McKinsey & Co, Japan. the internationally famous management consulting firm.

As a co-founder of it’s strategic management practice, he served companies in a wide spectrum of industries, including industrial and consumer electronics, finance, telecommunications, food and chemicals.

Recently in an interview with HMS America he came out with a new idea of CYBER LEADERSHIP.

As we are moving in the cyberspace at an exponential speed and Business
Leadership is an ever evolving topic as there are tremendous
“Business Leadership Bankruptcy” problem round the world.

Cyber Leadership can be wonderful concepts, as with the help of high speed communication and internet bandwidth availability, with economies of scales setting in with the massive penetration of internet and netizen round the world.

With borderless world concepts CYBER LEADERSHIP can provide wide applications round the world.

It’s basically the human intellect, knowledge, and capability and capacity which matters to be an effective leader. This can be found at any part of the world and can be widely propagated to fill up the “Global Leadership Bankruptcy” problem.

All firms looking forward towards strategic change management. This can only be possible from effective leadership drive and management initiatives.

Cyber Leadership can help in boosting the Change Management process.

Tele presence, VoIP, and with latest technologies at an affordable cost can really change the modern management space.

I think the change management consulting firm, may be the “Big Five or the Big Three”, charges exorbitant fees can take these Cyber Leadership concept and move ahead.

I’m sure cost will come down drastically and so called the “Leadership Bankruptcy” which is an acute problem can be easily eradicated.

His interview with HMS America.

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