Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friend + Enemy = Frenemy. Frenemy Concept Should Be Used Strategically Must Be Used To Reap The Maximum Benefits.

1. Very commonly it’s used in the geopolitical and business world. As competition and business cartel is part and parcel of the professional business world.

2. Cartel formations are sometimes made with your know enemy who are basically your silent and known enemy, but you have too befriend them.

3. At times it’s difficult to do business with out your enemy. You can benefit from your enemy too. I think this the core concept of the frenemy strategy.

4. It’s not possible to kill the enemy in competitions, your enemy is too powerful to kill and unstoppable. That’s the time you compromise with your enemy without compromising your
specific advantages that you have got.

5. Frenemy concepts wonderfully work when you can identify your “Core Strength” and enemies “Core Weaknesses” compliment each other for mutual benefits.

6. Frenemy is an excellent strategy if it can be used properly, big firms gets rapid success with this concept .Google, Microsoft and many more at times “ the frenemy “ strategy .

7. Many big business opportunities are lost by firms as they don’t use “the frenemy “strategy properly.

8. Even the weakest competitor may have some strength which you don’t posses
“the frenemy” strategy can be used.

9. Mao said "Despise the enemy strategically, but take him seriously tactically.”
I think his political advice works wonderfully in the frenemy strategy.

10. People, firms, political parties do make mistakes in practicing the frenemy strategy. The hidden benefits of frenemy strategy is still unexplored.

Socially people are using this concept but you have to master this.
1. Don't make things worse. If your friend's nastiness only surfaces at certain times (for example, when she is stressed), try to avoid her at those times; you don't always have to make yourself available. When she antagonizes you, consider defending yourself, but tactfully so as to avoid adding fuel to the fire.
2. Keep a support system. "Make sure you have, or that you cultivate, other friends who are consistently positive and loving so you can remind yourself that a friendship doesn't have to be a love-hate relationship,"
3. Focus on the good. "If you really want to keep the love-hate friendship going, make sure you remind yourself of the traits about your friend that are loving and why you want to keep the friendship going, dwelling on the positive rather than the negative,"
4. It's your friend's problem. Even when confronting your friend, don't follow in her negative footsteps. Don't consider this situation to be your fault or let it lower your self esteem.
5. Don't let her get to you. Above all, don't let your friend drag you down. Instead, "maintain the positive, loving personality that you have despite her temporary or longstanding love-hate behavior,"
Courtesy: CNN/Life

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