Thursday, March 31, 2011

Management Lesson from Late.Prof. Peter Drucker

Late. Peter Drucker, as described as the ‘Father of the modern management” as his contribution has been stupendous and many of the modern thoughts are basically followed through of Peter.

He predicted knowledge economy .In 1959, and coined the term “knowledge worker" and later in his life considered knowledge work productivity to be the next frontier of management.

His passion for management writing was absolutely phenomenal .His out of the box thinking and deep knowledge and close observation in situations and with diverse industries is mind blowing.

In 1954 his book “The Practice Of Management” was absolutely an incredible piece of work , even if you read 100 times still it’s ever green.
His approach has been very humble, very much in line with Henry Ford as Ford said “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. “I read many his books his inspirations ware from Henry Ford.

His work has been more with people and the betterment of the society and business should give back to the society , which is giving a place to do and operate the business.Betterment of the society and responsibility towards the society, which are the most pivotal role for any business.

His pioneered the thought “Management by Objectives” it is still relevant, many management Guru’s and pundits criticized it, but again it’s evolving out in a newer for as the competition has increased globally. Much organization becomes directionless and is in the crossroads where we have to go back to the “Management by Objectives”. Objectives changes with passage of time as business has got perpetual existence

Peter Drucker had a similar way of introducing himself - I write - is how he used to introduce himself.

The most important lesson he has give to the managers those who follow him still today are as follows:

The purpose of company is to create a customer.

A business is defined by the needs, wants, desires a customer satisfies when buying the company's product or service.

To satisfy the customer is the most important mission and purpose of every business.

The recent book that I'm reading is " THE ESSENTIAL DRUCKER" all his sixty years of experiencing management, the maestro's knowledge has been well depicted in this book and a great tribute to Late. Prof .Drcker.

I can make out Management is an infinite science and is indebted to all fields be it in Physic, Mathematics, or Literature even Military Science.


Philippines Outsourcing said...

Rest assured that the book "Management by Objectives" is a very good book. Knowing the importance of an Objectives in the lives of the people not only in business, it sure does help in every success that one achieved.

Michael said...
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Organizations are looking for employees who will embrace the future rather than try to protect the past. They want people who are curious, willing to experiment, and who contribute to the company’s creative potential.

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